Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gun is Not the Best Self-Defense, but RUN is

Carrying a gun everyday is not an act of defense because the danger is not yet existing nor eminent. Reasoning out that carrying a gun for reason of "anticipated" self defense will only be strong if your JOB involves responding towards ongoing crime scenes.

Carrying a gun based on imaginary anticipation of self-defense is nothing but ORDINARY PARANOIA. It is a sickness of the mind, but of course it is controllable.

Even responsible gun owners believe that GUN is not the best form of self-defense, but RUN is.

If you are anticipating that any moment someone would come to you for help with life at risk from an attacker, then why wouldn't you keep your house open and 24/7 unlocked from strangers?

You anticipate self-defense, so you are anticipating a violent attack, then why wouldn't you carry with you a first-aid medical kit all the time?

Society is at risk from you everyday when you carry a gun everyday. When we reach a point that everyone carries a gun for the same reason you have, you will not be safe anymore. When that time will come, you might be on MY SIDE facing a big big problem advocating gun control against the resistance of millions of people who does not trust one another.

Guns being carried by private persons is an expression of mistrust on the system of society.

We want to build a future that is built upon trust on one another and government efficiency.