Sunday, September 12, 2010

Proactive Gun Control Policy for the Benefit of All

We have a common goal which is security that will be enjoyed by ALL. So we should be on one paper.

Democracy is the very basic foundation of the smoothness of any discussion. Respecting views is what we have right now in the sense that people are not restricted to talk their views. Integrity is also important, we cannot tolerate stuffs like skipping psych tests required for gun licensing/carrying for whatever some reason. We are on the same page on this, right?

Your view about proactivity is exactly right! Now we are on one page! Proactivity is acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty. Being proactive is about being anticipatory and taking charge of situations. Anticipatory, in the sense that it involves proactive steps to prevent terrorism.

My proposal is centered on proactivity. You bring a gun to be proactive and damn it hasles you to bring that piece of heavy steel all the time. Moreso, I am more worried about the FEAR and INSECURITY that you feel inside you every moment of your life.

My proposal will set-up expanded checkpoint systems to ensure that the terorrism that you are afraid of would never reach you. You are a good and responsible gun owner, right? So I assume you will not be afraid of this checkpoint system.

The role of the government is to provide that sense of security to ALL, even to those 99.9% who have no guns. You, me, all of us will put in place a system that will move this country from one point of insecurity to another point where people will be secured.

As I said in my proposal, there will be a transition period of three years. And there will be test cities too so we can polish the new system. Let's try something new.