Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who are the People who Commit Gun-aided Crimes?


3. Most guns are never used in a crime and most gun owners are law abiding citizens; we should not ban guns just because some people choose to misuse them
(in fact, ALL legal owners of guns are not felons since convicted felons are not allowed to own guns). The majority of gun-related crime is committed by people who are either already prohibited from having a gun by law (due to a felony or domestic violence conviction), or who would not be deterred by laws. The criminal who is about to commit murder, rape, robbery, or sell drugs, is not going to be deterred by a misdemeanor gun possession charge. On the other hand, the law abiding citizens whom we would want to have guns so that they can defend their homes, hunt, or enjoy the hobby of target practice, are the only people who would be deterred by gun control laws. (5 Reasons to Support Gun Rights and Oppose Gun Control at www.learnaboutgunscom )

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: Most persons who commit gun-aided crimes are people who have never been convicted of any crime. Gun used in crimes include registered private guns, government firearm, and unregistered guns. Perpetrators of crimes are sometimes identified and sometimes it's John/Jane Doe. Gun-aided crimes are committed by people who have access to guns. The five kinds of persons who commit gun-aided crimes are police, military, private armies, hired criminals, licensed gun holders, unlicensed gun holders, accidental gun-holders.If there is no gun around, there is no gun to use for crime at all, yet there would still be weapon-aided crimes like sword or baseball bat, but no gun-aided crimes. The gun, being the most superior weapon in a person-to-person combat, quarantees the higher power of the law enforcer compared to anyone who violates the law. Law enforcement becomes a risky job when violators of the law are also armed with a gun.