Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gun Shops Behave Like Gun Runners and Gun License Fixers

In the Philippines, gun dealers behave like gun runners. They facilitate short-cuts anomalies in the licensing of firearms. Most of them have no sense of social responsibility, they have fronts that induce the demand for guns by terrorizing the population into the belief that each person must have a gun to protect himself.

The first layer of corruption in the licensing is at the level of the gun dealers/runners. These gun shops are the ones who deals directly with customers at the front-line. These gun shops are acting not only like gun runners at the front-line but also gun licensing fixers at the back-end wherein they are the ones who are corrupting the government adjudicators.


ATTN: Gun Dealers, if you will not straighten up your dealing with the public and keep on blaming the PNP for accepting your bribes to grease a non-appearance license application, you will soon lose your permit to operate and those corrupt adjudicators will also lose their jobs. You might even lose the Gun Show event in Mega Mall. So, straighten yourselves up.

Possible solution is simply nationalize the sale of guns. No more permit to private gun dealers. Simply remove the payor/fixer of the bribe.

It is not an effective excuse to point finger on similar anomalies in other sectors. Eradicating gun-aided crimes is a top priority as it is the very foundation of all anti-corruption adcocacy. Gun Control is on top of the line.

If you cooperate, we might consider the gun dealers as integral part of our advocacy against corruption. But if you continue to show resistance, even just a little resistance, I will guarantee that you will surely lose your gun dealing businesses.


Gun is not an ordinary product like airlines, electricity, education, gambling entertainment, and water utility. Firearm is an official equipment of law enforcers as well as weapon of destruction of anyone. If guns spread in unregulated volume and ucontrolled hands, it becomes a weapon of mass destruction for society. FIREARM CONTROL though nationalization of gun sales is part of my advocacy.


The 1,110,372 loose firearms that the PNP said that are in the hands of private armies and criminals are only those guns who were previously registered/licensed but failed to renew. Most of these guns were INITIALLY acquired lethrough gun shops who "assist" persons to get license in a process that corrupted the screening of requirements.

The corruption is a conspiracy between the gun dealers and the PNP adjudicators. The gun dealers may lose their permits in favor of nationalization of gun sales. The corrupt PNP adjudicators will also have to be eradicated through computerization of exam and cross-agency information exchange system.


I am a balanced person, and impartial too. Oh YES I can provide many quotations that supports the necessity of guns to be owned by the population for national defense purposes. There are parts of the advocacies of PROGUN-runners that is in line with my advocacies, especially on the necessity of the citizens to own guns for their protection INSIDE their own households.

However, the anomaly flag is up as I have noticed that PROGUN-runners are fometing people to disobedience and lawlessness. The PROGUN-runners, instead of being reliably the forefront in assisting the government disseminate gun-related guideline information such as COMELEC gun-ban directive, it seems to appear that PROGUN-runner advocacy fronts are telling its members that government guideline is bad. There are also many PROGUN-runner Shops in the Philippines who facilitate corruption in the licensing requirements. From my perspective, it seems to appear that PROGUN-runners is an organization that advocates lawlessness. The government should investigate it further.