Friday, October 15, 2010

The New Advocacy Landscape

Corrupt public officials of this generation has PERFECTED the art of socializing with the media to take-over the administration, exploiting technology to overshadow the voting democracy, and the bribing the justice system to get away with the crime of building wealth against the interest of the State.

The bottomline of corruption is poverty. We, the advocates against corruption, will no longer care to prove the corruption using investigative techniques, nor do we care to bear the hassle of filing cases in court.

Our strategy NOW is to ex...ploit the unlimited power of prejudgementation by merely looking at poverty as the barometer of corruption. The direction is to encourage voters to vote for BRANDNEW political candidates who are not connected with the incumbents or former incumbents.

If integrity lifespan in politics is short because corruption is a fast cancer, we have a shot to progress if we deploy fast turn-over strategy. We should keep on replacing the policitians with brandnew ones every election - we won't care if they are popular or not as long as they have the enthusiasm.

Sabi nga nila, "Pag Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap" (Liberal Party slogan in the 2010 Presidential Election)

In short, we can say to any administration: "Habang May Mahirap sa Population ng Kinasasakupan Mo, Ibig Sabihin Nyan eh Corrupt ang Administration Mo."

Our strategy would be to put poverty eradication as the primary barometer of successful governmence.


This blog is dedicated to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

Ana Loraine Monterola, Angie Garcia, Bozz Chinichi, Gee Gee Sue, Karlyn Joy Madelo Elizalde