Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PROGUN-Runners are Agents of Lawlessness

I am a balanced person, and impartial too. Oh YES I can provide many quotations and logical reasonings that supports the necessity of guns to be owned by the population for national defense purposes. There are parts of the advocacies of PROGUN-runners that is in line with my advocacies, especially on the necessity of the citizens to own guns for their protection INSIDE their own households.

However, the anomaly flag is up as I have noticed that PROGUN-Runners are fometing people to disobedience and lawlessness. The PROGUN-Runners, instead of being reliably the forefront in assisting the government disseminate gun-related guideline information such as COMELEC gun-ban directive, it seems to appear that PROGUN-runner advocacy fronts are telling its members that government guideline is bad. There are also many PROGUN-runner Shops in the Philippines who facilitate corruption in the licensing requirements. From my perspective, it seems to appear that PROGUN-runners is an organization that advocates lawlessness. The government should investigate it further.