Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gun Holster Issue

Look, each cop in uniform and on-duty need to have a gun. The cop can always put it in a "nice" holster to conceal it. The choice of holster reflects what the cop gun is for -- is it for display, is it for terrorizing people, or it is purely an equipment with sole purpose for self-defense only?

Strange, I just wierdly noticed that most cops, who use minimalist holsters for their silver shiny guns, have manicured nails too.


Mas maganda, mas hindi mayabang, pag ang side-arm holster ng mga police ay yung specification eh nakabalot lahat na parts ng baril. Meron akong nakita na ganyan eh. Napaka-desente, walang ka-yabangyabang, at hindi pa exposed sa ulan ang baril.

Naalala nyo ba noong mga 90s eh merong rules na hindi pwedeng ipakita ang baril sa mga billboards ng mga movie? Maganda yong rule na iyon, pero ewan ko kung bakit nandyan na-naman yang mga baril sa posters/billboards.


Someone said something about not using minimalist quickdraw holster: "Cops will definitely lose precious seconds from drawing their gun, remember every second counts"

My response is simple. Very veryvery very very very rarely that every second counts. When a cop is assassinated, it wont matter if his hands is already on his gun, assassins are always faster. When they are going out to respond to a crime, it wont take 2 seconds to open the holster. Either someone watches too much western cowboy draw movies, or in the business of advertising guns.

I am going for the banning of gun advertising, and gun shows, and gun business sign boards. Demand for guns MUST not be induced.


Take is as an opportunity to design a side-arm holster with specification that completely covers the whole pistol yet gives a quick-draw capability for the Police. Remember, government always buy in BULK, and the lowest price possible. You feature this in the upcoming gunshow (if there is), it might get the attention of the buyer.

Trust me, there is a strong pressure that Police should not "display" their guns. Think about the holster.


One time, I went to the gun show. I was checking out some beltbag where I can conceal my gun. I plan to use it when I am making rounds to check my farm (within my property compound). The salesstaff of the gunstore demonstrated the beltbag to me and said that "you can use this beltbag to conceal your gun and enter malls and everywhere even if there is gun ban". I frowned on the moral values aspect and never bought it. The gunstore compromised their moral values for a beltbag that only costs P500. I didn't like it.


Here is a nice reaction from a certian guy with a codename "Samuel Colt". He said:

"A good alternative would be the Safariland type security holsters, with 3 way security against snatches. Better for the police, and better for the public since the gun appears not to be threatening and secured all wrapped up. But it does not take away from the cop's ability to draw the gun."

"I never liked those "minimalist" holsters which overly display the gun and make it prone to snatching. Save those for IPSC competition (I never joined) . I am also against gay cops with manicured nails."

"Regarding John's stand on gun shows, a reasonable alternative would be to move the shows out of malls and restrict children from going in. I am also surprised why gun sales are allowed inside malls here in the Philippines, whereas it is actually prohibited in other countries. Part of responsible gun sales would be to have special places reserved for sales of guns, away from schools and public commercial complexes."

As for advertising, well, gun dealers here do not really advertise except in the yellow pages.

To be honest, I was never really impressed with the AFAD gun dealers in the Philippines since I feel that they engage in predatory pricing and cartelization of the industry. Also, they represent their own business interests and not really that of the gun owners.