Saturday, October 9, 2010

Police Escort Service

QUESTION: How about the carrying of the licensed firearm inside the car while going to business establishment where he/she own? Is he/she allowed by law to carry the firearm inside the car? Hinde ba the car is an extension of the house and therefore the carrying of the firearms inside the car while going to business establishment is legally allowed by law? (Fernan Redulla)

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: In my proposal, you can carry a licensed firearm inside your car as long as the car is only inside your house garage. But you have to leave the gun at home when you drive the car outdoors -- it does not matter where you go. The street is already a public place. You may buy/rent one gun for your residential in-house use only,a nd redundantly buy/rent another gun for your commercial shop in-house use only.

In my proposal, if you want to bring your gun to the firing range, you get/pay for transport permit online and a policeman in uniform will bring your gun from your house to the firing range. You can also avail of this escort service if you need it for example you will be carrying money or you want to provide security to a tourist friend-visitor. These escort policemen will ride with you in your car but will strictly not be allowed to accept tips. The fee would be something like P1,000 per 10 hours. -- you pay fee of P1,000 and you will get escort service in return. Unlike in the current set-up, you pay P800 fee but no service at all.