Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inferior and Superior Interpretation

FACT: Less than one percent of gun-aided crimes used a registered firearms.

INFERIOR INTERPRETATION: Persons who own registered firearms are least likely to commit a gun-aided crime, therefore they should liberally be given permit to carry firearm.

SUPERIOR INTERPRETATION: Persons who commit gun-aided crimes are persons who have access to guns (police, military, private armies, licensed gun-owners, gun collectors, keepers of unregistered guns, hired hitmen, hired bank robbers, organized crime groups) and they normally use unregistered firearms to avoid getting traced by the crime investigators. We should focus our drive on encouraging people to register their guns for the puspose of ownership and titling. Yet we have to be very tight in complying with the requirements when it comes to granting permit to possess/carry a firearm to anyone.


FACT: Firearm is a weapon of of law enforcement, power, terror, exploitation, and also of self-defense.

INFERIOR INTERPRETATION: Only the good guys will follow a gun ban. The criminals will not. Therefore, there should be no gun-carry ban.

SUPERIOR INTERPRETATION: The individual person's decision to commit a gun-aided crime is influenced by many factors such as (1) psychological instability, (2) drugs and alcohol, (3) aggressive emotions of anger, hate, vengeance, jealousy, rebellion, (4) economic sense of survival, (5) greed for power, and (6) chance of getting caught by the law enforcers, (7) risk of gun-battle by a resisting force, and (7) penalty of the crime. Everyone are good guys before they comit a crime. Gun-carry ban with effective checkpoint system are deterrents to gun-aided crime because they put weight on risk of carrying a gun.

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