Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prayer for Salvation

You need to input the correct USERNAME and PASSWORD to enter heaven. Username is "IMASINNER". Password is "IACCEPTJESUSASMYSAVIOR". I know a Pastor, he died, while at the heaven's gate, he said Username: "IMAPREACHER", Password: "IHAVENOTSINNEDAFTERSALVATION" -- he went straight to hell. (John Petalcorin, 1987)

Most people answers the wrong Username. Why? Because many believers think that the Prayer for Salvation is a one-shot thing. Well, dude, believe me, the Prayer for Salvation should be your mindset every moment of your life. Everyafter you ejaculate after you masturbate (everyone guilty, no exemption) with your favorite pornstar in your mind, that's a sin in thoughts, and Prayer of Salvation applies, everytime you commit a sin in action, in words, and in thoughts.

The Prayer for Salvation will not make you a perfectly sinless person. You have to keep on reminding yourself that you are just a greedy and opinionated person who wants to survive everyday, who can commit mistake and sin anytime, and others also are just like you.

The crucifiction of Jesus is an accross-the-board bail-out for sinners and this grant is without exemption and without expiration. There is no need to file a claim for that pardon, it is automatic. What matters now is when you commit mistakes, you know that you are automatically forgiven, you are absolutely bailed-out, so I don't wanna hear you look down upon your self as a fucking shit full of dramatic guilt! Get up! Face the world with a positive attitude! Enjoy God's grace! Be a better/improved person everyday!

A better person is one who sinned and reformed. Fraud is he who present himself is pure white robe. We are all spotted cows.

So now, let's sit down, you and me, both sinners, sit down and put down your arms, let's talk about how to make things right so we can both enjoy this damn short lifetime.

How do we earn a living without destroying the environment?

How do we make everyone feel safe without anyone carrying a gun?

How do we earn a decent income in government service without moonlighting some contracts or stealing from the coffer of the government?

How do we serve as preachers without infringement of the rights of the laymen to exercise their individual political right to vote for their personal choices?

How do we govern to achieve the mission of poverty eradication?

How should land, labor, capital, and technology share the fruits of production equitably?

There's a lot of shit in this world that the older generation has passed on to us. Let's fix it, NOW, in our generation. Life is short.


You can't judge a person with one sin he has commited -- KAZI SHAMS : In our lifetime, we will commit more than a dozen sins; sometimes, every day or every other day. If we will be judged according to every sin we commit, nobody will trust anyone and the world will be the scarest place to live. (Alex P. Vidal)


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

RJ Cabagnot, Ana Loraine Monterola, Angie Garcia, Bozz Chinichi, Gee Gee Sue, Karlyn Joy Madelo Elizalde