Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lax Gun-Ownership, but Tight Gun-Carrying Policy


5. Although I live in a good area, which has an effective and professional police department, I feel better at night knowing that if I were left with no other choice, I could use a firearm to defend my family’s lives. The fact is that even with an excellent police department and a home security system, it will still take several minutes for the police to come to your aid. Several minutes is an eternity when it comes to having a criminal in your home, and more than enough time for horrible things to happen. With a firearm (stored in a good safe when we are not home to prevent theft) I would likely be able to stop a home invader before they could commit commit crimes against my family. I sincerely hope I will never need to use a firearm against another human being, but my shotgun just might save our lives if a criminal breaks in to harm us. If someone broke into your home at night, could you protect your family without a firearm? (5 Reasons to Support Gun Rights and Oppose Gun Control at www.learnaboutgunscom )

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: That's right! There is no problem with owning a gun for home protection purpose. The problem is when government start authorizing people to bring their guns outside their homes. Allowing gun carrying outside homes will enable the criminal to bring/transport his gun from his home to your home -- and this scenario creates a problem. The best policy is tighter gun carry policy and effective checkpoint system.


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