Saturday, October 30, 2010

VP Binay Surrenders Bar Ops Bombing Suspect

EDITORIAL - Binay must act with prudence as VP
FREEMAN Editorial on 29 October 2010

If it came as a surprise that it was to Vice President Jejomar Binay that the principal suspect in the Bar exam bombing surrendered to, it should come as an even bigger surprise to know that the reason for this is that Binay and the suspect are brods in the APO fraternity.

The even bigger surprise is not that Binay is a member at all of any fraternity. Anybody is free to join a fraternity of his choice. The even bigger surprise is that Binay never breathed a word about his APO membership until the bombing suspect surrendered to him.

Be that as it may, now that it was to him that the bombing suspect surrendered, Binay should at least have the sense of propriety to simply acknowledge the surrender and then turn the suspect over to the authorities, which he in fairness did.

But Binay did not stop at merely acknowledging the surrender and his turning over of the suspect to the authorities. He went further by proclaiming his innocence, as well as defending the fraternity, both of which were uncalled for.

Binay may be convinced about the innocence of the suspect, but it is not up to him to make that declaration, especially since he is the vice president of the land, an office deemed to have considerable clout and influence.

His fraternity brod is a suspect in a heinous crime. The most he could do for him is to ensure that he gets his fair shake in court. But he should not go proclaiming to all and sundry that the suspect is innocent.

And while Binay, as an APO member, may feel obliged to protect the organization, he must not forget that he is now the vice president and that it must never be made to appear that he is using his mighty office to defend his fraternity.

The APO fraternity can very well defend itself. It is not up for Binay to defend it, especially by making it appear that his office is protecting the fraternity. For this could send the wrong signal to everybody, including the members of the fraternity.


PDP LABAN Joey De Venecia III: In a statement to media, PDP-Laban Secretary General Joey de Venecia III said Vice President Jejomar Binay was well within his rights to peacefully deliver to the authorities alleged suspect Anthony Nepomuceno in the Sept. 26 grenade attack.

“Mr. Binay may be the country’s second highest official, but he is also a human rights lawyer who was approached by Mr. Nepomuceno seeking his advice,”according to de Venecia.

The PDP-Laban, also wants the truth to come out and the culprit caught and charged. We sympathize with the victims and their families.De Venecia added that the Vice President had convinced Nepomuceno to peacefully surrender to face the charges in court and clear his name.

The important thing now is that the law should take its course; the guilty should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but by the same token, the innocent should not be pre-judged by anyone. the PDP-Laban statement said.



JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: Unless Binay acts as the Attorney in Representation of Anthony Nepumuceno, I believe it is tolerably inappropriate for a Vice President of the republic to express his personal opinion on the inocence or guilt of Mr. Nepumuceno. Such expression is uneccesary in the proper handling, disposition, and turn-over of a surrender.

After all, it was Binay who was able to talk with Anthony. I believe Binay has noble reasons for expressing his opinion in a knee-jerk, and there should be no serious repercussions. So, I think it is "tolerable".

When Anthony Nepumuceno surrendered, there is no warrant of arrest for him, nor is he included in the charge sheet. The way I see it with my third eye, VP Binay was only sending a signal that Anthony Nepumuceno is a voluntary fall-guy who claim responsibility over the bombing who surrendered to Binay; and that the surrender turn-over is only a mere compliance of the legal process. This is the reason why I say that Binay's statement could be inappropriate, but TOLERABLE and NOBLE.


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