Sunday, October 31, 2010

There is no gun registration system in Philippines

There is no FIREARM OWNERSHIP REGISTRATION SYSTEM in the Philippines. We only have firearm possession/carry licensing.

Example, in the Philippines, you cannot get a license for a gun if you bought it from the blackmarket. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when an 8 year old child inherits a gun from his deceased parent, he cannot have the gun license transferred to his name because he in under-age. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when the gun owner goes abroad for work, he will no longer renew th license of his gun that he left in Philippines. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.

Another example is when the licensee becomes hard-up with cash and can no longer afford the licensing fee, he will no longer renew the license of his gun. This case will be accounted as loose firearm.


In my proposal, there should be a separate Firearm Ownership Registration System (FARS). It should be separate from Firearm Possession/Carry Licensing System (FPCLS).

Getting your gun registered in FARS should be considered an obligation and a right. It should be free of any fees and is a one-time process only. The FARS record will only be updated in the even the gun owner dies, the gun is pawned, the gun got sold, the gun got old and unserviceable, or the gun got confiscated by government.

The FPCLS should only be a PRIVILEGE. An owner of registered gun need FPCLS if he wants to keep his gun inside his house, inside his business establishment, or if he wants to carry it in relation to his work. FPCLS should have different qualification and limitation before a person gets a license. The gun must be deposited in the Police Depository for safekeeping if the gun has FARS but without FPCLS.


I believe in the "Rights to Ownership" to any object, most specially FIREARM. That thing they call Right to Bear Arms" is very confusing because the scope is very wide -- I don't like it.

A person can own as many guns as he can afford, and all of the guns he own has to be registered under his name. If he is granted the license privilege to keep gun in his house, he should only be allowed to keep one gun and six ammo in his house. If he is granted license privilege to carry a gun, he has to wear proper uniform and follow the gun-carry rules. Suggest further reading: Distinguish Gun Ownership, Gun Possession, and Gun Carry.