Monday, October 11, 2010

Personal Safety Seminar is Best Replacement for PTCFOR


The PNP Handbook on Personal Safety is a welcome development from my perspective as advocate of gun control as a strategy to reduce gun-aided crimes.

Personal Safety Seminar for Journalists is the best REPLACEMENT of the Permit to Carry Firearm (PTCFOR) that is being issued to private citizens who have personal threats.

We need (1) tighter gun-carry policy, and (2) new effective checkpoint system.

Only law enforcers on duty-hour and in uniform should be authorized to carry firearms outside residence. Under the current set-up where government issues Permit to Carry Firearm (PTCFOR) and Mission Orders to private individuals, the citizens and law enforcers are exposed to risk because it is very difficult to distinguish an unauthorized civilian who carry firearm. I believe we should go for a permanent gun ban.

To deter/hassle the violators of the gun ban, there should also be a new and more effective checkpoint system. The security that malls provide is a good model and must be expanded to cover the whole city. A tighter gun carry policy will make possible for democracy to work as it provides a level playing field of power as people will no longer be afraid to expose the anomalies of powerful persons in society.

The Seminar must be on Youtube so that it is FREE.

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The Seminar on Personal Safety Handbook of PNP should be loaded in Youtube. It has to be enjoyed by EACH citizen, the whole world in fact. This is the opportunity to provide the right to self-defense to ALL persons, rich or poor. Let's make a nice video on it and share it in youtube and make CD for it for distribution to ALL. No need to make it a money-making seminar. It has to be enjoyed by all, it has to be free -- this is what I believe.

The Philippine National Police Personal Safety distributed to Philippine journalists recently contains topics on:

# threat detection and assessment;
# basic guidance of personal security measures;
# introductory instructions on counter-surveillance and evasive techniques;
# home, workplace and travel security, and
# handling threats.

The security tips included in this handbook are designed to arm and empower media practitioners to effectively protect themselves and their families against criminality and other forms of threats and danger. Personal security is a personal concern, the greater effort you put into the task, the greater will be the degree of safety. Related training seminars will be held in the Police Regional Offices for local journalists. The training module will involve lectures on:

# threat detection and assessment;
# counter-surveillance, and
# evasive techniques to make journalists less vulnerable to threats of violence.


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