Thursday, October 7, 2010

Advocacy work is eternal

Advocacy work is eternal. Good and Evil has been fighting ever since mankind existed. This duel is inherent inside the individual person, and widely manifested in conflicts of people in society. Survival is the factor that makes a person decide to do good or evil. Conflict is endless because from the respective point of view of the conflicting parties, each side advocates himself as Good and advocates against the Evilness of the opponent. Good and Evil will continue to exist until the last human being becomes extinct.

Is the last-man-standing a Good person or an Evil person? It does not matter, really.


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthday today.

Abby Lai, Abhie Lazarte, Bredie Pueblos, Evelyn Nagallo de Castro, George Gordon, Gray Gin Remollo Malicay, Kathy Ulang, Krizzy Lauren, Paul Kenneth Guarte, Rose Novenario