Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Warning about Unlicensed Real Estate Agents in Philippines

Ninetyfive percent (95%) of the real estate agents in the Philippines are unlicensed (mga colorum) and they deal with the public in the open even in malls and internet.
Most of these colorums are hired as freelance agents of condominium and
subdivision developers. PRC and HLURB is to blame for the continued adulteration
of the Real Estate Service Profession.

We should always remember that our primary source of wealth as a nation is our human resources. If we start and continue tolerating the adulteration of our professionals, it's gonna create a chain reaction of negative perception,and distrust to all our professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Architects, Engineers, Seamen.

If we tolerate this adulteration, the credibility of our Real Estate sector will also fall. If these developers have the nerve to engage the services of unlicensed real estate agents, it is highly possible that they are also engaging the services of unlicensed engineers -- integrity of the structure of their projects will also fall.

Pag dumating na ang kinatatakutan nating earthquake sa metro Manila, baka bigla na lang mag-tumbahan parang pulburon yang mga buildings natin at mag-lubugan sa baha ang mga subdivisions natin. Walang ibang sisihin kundi ang PRC and HLURB dahil nag-kulang ang dalawang agency na eto na ipatupad ng RA 9646 and PD 957.

Hindi ako nagkulang nang paalala ha.


QUESTION from CHAT; Sir John, how do we detect if the real estate agent is colorum?

ANSWER: You can ask them if they have Broker/Salesperson professional ID. If you are shy to ask, the simplest way is to look at the FLIERS they distribute. At the back of that flier you can find the name of the agent, sometimes they just staple photocopied paper notes. If the agent has no License Number, it is most likely that he/she is a colorum. The colorum usual excuse/palusot are: (1) we are in-house, (2) the law is new, (3) mag paregister pa kami ongoing paperwork.


QUESTION from Chat: Sir John, kailan pa yung batas na dapat ang real estate agent ay registered?

ANSWER: The IRR of PD 957 took effect in 2001 and is being administered by HLURB. Noong araw, hindi pa ganyan ka-garapal ang mga colorum. But at the span of 9 years the developers race in engaging colorums because the HLURB did nothing at all to implement the regulation - either the HLURB malfunctioned or started receiving bribes from developers.

The RA 9646 which requires PRC registration for Brokers and Salespersons is in full force effective July 30, 2009. The implementation is very slow (parang sinasadya) because the implementors (PRB-RES of PRC) are GMA-appointees and puppets of the developers. I believe PNoy have to replace the appointees.