Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wealth from Labor Exportation

Population is not our problem. High fertility rate is our competitive advantage. We just have to keep on improving their skills though education and keep our local inventory of labor low by facilitating their smooth movement to other nations who need economically productive population.

The fertility rate of the developed countries are having a downward patern. Their dependency on imported labor is getting higher, in fact they have already put in place some measures for whole-family immigration packages -- even the US who considered as the nation with tightest domestic labor protection policy.

Land, Labor, Capital -- the three elements of production. Every nation has to have something valuable element to export in huge volume in order to become wealthy domestically.

US have many exports like Coke, Microsoft, Capital, etc.

Middle East have Oil and Capital.

Japan have cars.

The only possible exportable element the Philippines can derive wealth from is Skilled Labor, and we are naturally endowed with it. We just have to RECOGNIZE it as a blessing from God and make sure that we get WEALTHY from it.


The only way to create local jobs is to create industries here domestically. Aside from the fact that Filipinos are not educated and acultured to become industrialists, when you talk about industry, it comes along with environmental issues. Land-size-wise, we are just a "dot" compared to other nations. One small industry has big negative effects on our small land.