Saturday, October 9, 2010

Marawi and Marikina, my choice of NECS Test Site

NECS already prove to be perfectly working effectively in Malls. It will work even better when a smaller set of Police are properly trained for testing. It has also a computerization aspect, a little investment would be best in a city scale test, too expensive the investment if the test is only for a Barangay.

I would love to try it to wherever the government would say I would try it. But if I am to be asked where to test the NECS after they complete the training, my answer would be Marikina and Marawi City.

Marawi dahil dyan lumaki ang mother ko, I have heard a great deal of gun-owners in the area, and I believe that tests should be done in the most difficult environment. I figured out it's the best area to test the effectiveness of the Tighter Gun Carry aspect of the advocacy. If the implementation of my advocacy is successful Marawi, there is no reason why it would not succeed in any part of the country.

Personally, honestly, religion is not a relevant factor in selecting Marawi City. The only thing that could probably make my study difficult in Marawi, in terms of religion, is the effect of alcoholism on gun-aided crimes. Muslims don't drink alcohol. It will be difficult to correlate alcohol and gun-aided crimes in Marawi City sample area.

However, we can always see the difference between Marikina and Marawi in terms of alcohol consumption impact on gun-aided crimes. Marikina consumes alcohol, and Marawi don't.

No need for doors around the city. Just doors at entry/exit of exclusive subdivisions, condominiums, commercial centers, transport terminals, city street boundaries, and some mobile street-level checkpoint with unpredictable location/time. For the propaganda, I would be happy with a flood of advocacy fliers and time in radio stations.

What I need that 100% guarantee that the local people who will participate in the law enforcement will not lay down their arms. You know why? Because in my proposal, it is the local folks, who will man the NECS, and they will be using their own guns. The only thing that will be provided to them is someone from the outside of the box who will guide them to the right path of peace and order that they have been longing for. As to who will decide to follow the right path, it is the local folks, it is the people of the generation who will try NECS.

For Marawi people, I canfairly say that they have the traditional armies of the Zionist (as they call it) in there right now, and they don't live in peace. My mission is to remove that dreadful traditional army out there, remove the reason why their people is constantly afraid, and replace them with the best law enforcers ever who knows every inch of your terrain, culture, and people.

The NECS is not something that is pushed down the throat of the beneficiary city. It is new, very excellent, and innovative. It will only be tested on two LUCKY cities. Many cities will apply but it will be tested to the best test site. Three of the criteria I am looking for is a city where the people is eager to serve and 100% loyal to principle of protecting lives, must have a lot of volunteers contingent, and must have good supply of guns.

I will come there ALONE. I will not bring in an army to rule a population. I will not bring in guns to arm the new contingent. The only thing I will bring is a pure heart with a MISSION FOR PEACE and a NECS TRAINING PROGRAM AND OPERATIONS MANUAL.


There is a legend of a rare gun that is capable to bulls-eye a hard target called peace and order. That's the legendary gun I am looking for.


The feeling of readiness to fight back is totally different from the feeling of being safe.


The real world is you have a gun, yet you are still afraid. You have five guns yet you still don't feel safe. That is the real world of guns.


As long as you keep on seeing guns, you will be kept on reminding yourself of gun-aided crimes to possibly be inflicted on you. Unconsciously, you become terrorized.