Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guns are Great Equalizer


4. Guns are the great equalizer. Firearms allow the physically weaker members of our society (such as the elderly, women who are less physically strong then the men who might attack them, etc.) to defend themselves from physically stronger attackers. Taking away guns from the physically weaker members of society puts them at a disadvantage, relative to their physically stronger attackers. Furthermore, a person who is willing to commit rape or attack the elderly will also be willing to violate gun control laws, which puts the victim at an even greater disadvantage. (5 Reasons to Support Gun Rights and Oppose Gun Control at www.learnaboutgunscom )

JOHN REMOLLO PETALCORIN: In times when we are invaded by foreign powers, we should advocate that guns are the great equalizer to encourage our people to acquire guns and induce rebellion as a solution to the oppression of the invader.

However, in peacetime and independence of our nation, we must advocate that Gun control is the greatest equalizer. It makes everybody equally less powerful if applied to everybody. A woman can have a chance to fight against any attacker who has no gun. A gun makes any person stronger, whether he is a man or a woman or an elderly. A society who aims for social order needs to have law enforcers who possesses the stronger weapon compared to everyone. Law enforcers become less empowered in implementing the law if everyone else has a gun. Look at Philippines right now, no one follows the laws -- it is a result of the Law Enforcers becoming less confidence of the power and control they have in their hands.

Democracy is a very powerful element of change and progress. Scandals about corruption in any government unit is a good thing for democracy. What is bad is when corruption are kept secret and tolerated because the complainants and witnesses of the anomalies are afraid to come out. Democracy is generally GUNLESS people, the only power they have is their words and pen. Powerful and corrupt people generally have guns and democracy is afraid of them. Limiting the gun-carry capability of the powerful people will help in empowering the democracy. If they say that gun-carry for everyone is a great equalizer, I would beg to disagree and say that gunlessness for everyone is the greatest equalizer.


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