Sunday, November 21, 2010

Should OFWs Support VP Binay?

As you all know PDP LABAN is the party of the Vice President, who also happens to be the OFW Czar. We understand that most Filipinos have a family member and relative abroad, and we would want to make things easier for our brothers and sisters. The official PDP LABAN page can serve as a messaging system that we can directly forward to the VP, who is also the party's Chairman. Let's get rid of the barriers of communication and use the power of new media! We hope this makes things easier for our modern day heroes. Mabuhay po kayo! Mabuhay ang ating mga kababayan na nasa abroad! Ang PDP LABAN ay inyong kakampi at masasandalan sa mga pagkakataon kailangan po ninyo ng taga lingkod!"(Joey de Venecia III)


In my perspective, VP Binay is the housing czar, who at present, has not yet taken any action to disallow the toleration of PAG-IBIG on real estate developers who use unlicensed real estate practitioners victimizing a lot of OCWs. This has to change. I have already alerted Binay to issue a Memo to Review the Accreditation of real estate developers and cancel the accreditation of those who are found to have violated the RA 9646 and PD957. Our Party General, JDV3, will personally take care of it.

The VP is the housing czar, so I assume he knows PD 957 and RA 9646. He can use the standard Explanatory Notes of RA 9646 and PD957 to support the Memo.

The Globe Asiatique Scandal is a disastrous result of absense/fraudulent Due Diligence Process -- the developer utilized and manipulated an unlicensed real estate agent. A very huge portion of the real estate buyers are OCWs, we have to protect them, and we are lucky we have existing laws, we just have to implement them. PAG-IBIG will play a very big role in prompting the developers to professionalize their marketing departments as mandated by RA 9646.

The Globe Asiatique Scandal is just a sampler. We can explode more similar scandals if we want in the future. And if Binay will not sign the Memo, we'll gonna say that we already warned Binay about the colorum practices and Binay is to blame for not aligning PAG-IBIG with the RA 9646 and PD 957.

By the way, there is a major gathering of newly licensed brokers on 29 Nov where those first batch of licensees under the PRC will have their oathtaking. I will be going there to distribute fliers on my Platform for the formation of the Integrated Professional Organization of Real Estate Service Practitioners. I hope before the day, Binay's Memo is already signed.

I have incorporated the PAG-IBIG Memo as #17 of my platform at

The PAG-IBIG Fund of VP Binay plays a big role in the proliferation or prevention of unlicensed real estate practitioners (colorums). When VP Binay signs the proposed memo below, I will reconnize him as CERTIFIED CONSUMER PROTECTION CZAR in the real estate industry. This memo will be one of his greatest help to the OCWs.

1. To protect the real estate consumers and the public fund, Pag-Ibig Fund, National Home Mortgage and Finance Corporation, and Home Guaranty Corporation will no longer approve accreditation to real estate developers who sell their projects using marketing agents who are not duly licensed and registered by the Professional Regulations Commission under the rules of Republic Act No. 9646 and Housing and Regulatory Board rules on Presidential Decree 957.

2. All developers who are currently accredited will be reviewed on their compliance to RA 9646 and PD 957. Accreditation of violators will be revoked.