Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Anti-Corruption Program


Despite the fact that the Philippines have a very good laws, regulations, and policies on anti-corruption, we still remain very corrupt. Others say there is problem in implementation.

I would say there is problem in communications and advocacy -- the people are not properly educated on how they can participate in the corruption reporting process. There is also a problem in guaranteeing the safety of the witness/complainant. There is also a problem with the strong Filipino culture of TOLERATION, wherein the benefit of participating in the corruption is much bigger than the social benefit of doing something to eradicate it in our little ways.


I would suggest that all government employees and accredited contractors must undergo an annual video-seminar on anti-corruption and ethics. The TV should also be used to repeatitively show the anti-corruption video on the reception of government front-line services.


Corruption witnesses and whistleblowers should undergo proper lie detector polygraph testing before admitting their testimonies. The identities of the all valid witnesses and whistleblowers should be classified as top-secret by government to protect their lives. There should also be a tighter policies on gun ownership, gun-carry authorizations, and new effective checkpoint system.


The culture of toleration is based on benefit-cost analytical pattern of the individual person. The solution will also use the cost-benefit tactics. There should be an effective and sustained reward, award, and recognition system for persons who will report irregularities in government and private transactions. For example, if the penalty of the traffic violation is P1,000, the reward to the Police who will report a bribe offer must be P1,000 plus a Certificate of Integrity and an Honor Stripe on his uniform that will be given to him during their agency's Flag Ceremonies. Nobody wants to bribe a cop with this kind of policy on the table.


I dedicate this blog to my friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

Aljay Ganacias Lubaton, Anabelle Alcober, Angelita Tuayon, Jigs Rodriguez- Callo, Lisa Machubar, Maria Elizabeth Olavides-Soriano, Nilo Jaudian, Original Pinoy, Scarlette Dy