Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cancer Removal by Amputation

Despite recent change of Administration, there is a growing desperation and frustration of people who are AWARE of the problems in the Philippines. I have come to the point that I realize that government is not the solution to the problem, because government is the cause. The people is eager for change and participative in suggestions, but the government is incapable of correcting itself.

A blood that flows from the government is a blood that flows from the people. Hurting the government is hurting ourselves. There has to be a mechanism that will make government CORRECT ITSELF through a quick virus removal process with a minimal margin of error. Ang "due process" ay hindi mabagal.

Minsan, pag merong cancer ang paa, kailangan putulin eto para ma-salba ang ibang parte na pwede pa salbahin. Kung persistent na ang poorest provinces ay nasa Mindanao dahil sa kakulangan ng attention ng National Government, baka dapat na talagang pakawalan ang Mindanao.