Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Bangsamoro" means Mindanaoans regardless of religion

This is the Coat of Arms of the MORO NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (MNLF). I thought "Bangsamoro" means Moslem. I was wrong. It was only recently that I realized that Bangsamoro means natives of Mindanao, people who are born in Mindanao regardless of religion.

It is just coincidental that the MNLF are mostly composed of Moslems because during the time Mindanao started a struggle for independence in 1968, led by Nur Misuari, most of its leaders are Moslems. At present, the MNLF already have Christians and Lumads in its leadership and membership ranks.

Technically, I am a Bangsamoro because I am born in Mindanao and I am a Christian.

There seems to be a very valid reason why the MNLF continues to struggle and grow. While Mindanao is rich in natural resources, it is home to seven out of ten poorest provinces in the Philippines as evidence of neglect by the Philippine National Government. Below are the poorest province in 2003 in terms of poverty incidence of families:

1. Zamboanga del Norte (64.6%)
2. Maguindanao (60.4%)
3. Masbate (55.9%)
4. Surigao del Norte (54.5%)
5. Agusan del Sur (52.8%)
6. Surigao del Sur (48.6%)
7. Misamis Occidental (48.1%)
8. Mt. Province (46.7%)
9. Biliran (46.5%)
10. Lanao del Norte (46.5%)

Therefore, I must assert from now on that any remarks that uses "Moro" or "Moros" and equivocate it with savagery is a racially discriminating remark against the people of Mindanao.


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