Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Marijuana Decriminalization Advocacy International

To ALL (Global):

Today, I have created an open Facebook Group titled Marijuana Decriminalization Advocacy International.

The advocacy is simple. Marijuana have medical uses. It is just a grass, it is organic, it is natural, it cheap to produce it in the backyard. Legalizing it will promote economic efficiency as it improves peoples access to herbal remedies to PAIN and other illness. It is also a good substitute to alcohol when it comes to recreation purposes.

We understand that there are insisting arguments on the negative effect of marijuana if taken in excessive amounts, just like cholesterol, salt, sugar, carbon dioxide. On this grounds, we go for regulation measures. However, we should bear in mind that we cannot regulate something that is not legalized. Therefore, we have to decriminalize it first.

Let's support the call for Marijuana Decriminalization ON THE POLICY ADVOCACY ONLY. Please join this group and invite others who share the same sentiment. Everyone is also encouraged to post here some pictures, images, and articles that are supportive of the MArijuana Decriminalization Advocacy.

While the policy is still on the debate, we encourage people to obey, and law enforcement to implement, existing laws governing marijuana production, possession, and consumption.

Thank you.



I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

Chris Evert Barbero, Jose Angelo Robles, Kathleen Yangson, Lorlene Theresa Alforque Gonzales, Marjz Remollo, Rubyrissa Remollo