Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Position on Philippine Charter Change

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your position on Charter Change issue?

ANSWER: I am open to any proposed discussion to review or change any policies, laws, or Charter. Why should we be afraid of a formal charter change review process? It is possible that during the process we realize after thorough discussion and votings that there is nothing to change, then it will reinforce the Charter we currently have.

Damn I am so tired already of the useless debate of whether or not we will start making formal activities to amend the Charter.

I only have one proposed amendment to the Charter, and that would be an insertion of a provision that will say:

"There shall be a Mandatory Congressional Review of the Charter every 6 years during the first 12 months of the new Presidential Term to discuss and vote on any proposed amendment on any provision in the Charter.

With this provision in place, the Philippines will be able to respond in a timely and flexible manner to the dynamic change to meet new challenges brought about by economic development, technological advancement, humanitarian trends, political patterns, and the fast changing environmental/climate conditions.

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the best way to change the Charter?

ANSWER: I would not use the word "change". The most appropriate is "amend". The best way is through Congress. There are more than 100 proposed amendments and the number is growing. The debate will be bloody because EACH of the provision that is proposed to be amended must be discussed and voted upon individually.