Friday, January 28, 2011

AFP Moderization must focus on Humanitarianization Program

QUESTION: Sir John, who should be responsible for acts of systematic terrorism in the Philippines?

ANSWER: The media should not forget and not cover up the truth that it is the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who created Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in the 70s to divide and conquer the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and to smudge dirt on the face of Islam in Mindanao.

The Abu Sayyaf is a child of the MILF that is used by the AFP to sow terror that would justify their role in the Anti-Terror campaign of the United States of America.

The Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRPH) created monsters and should be held responsible for any terroristic act of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf.

I am so tired and frustrated with sporadic terror attacks that kill innocents. We already know that the MILF and Abu Sayyaf are children born from the belly of the GRPH.

The typical Black Ops of the AFP uses these two to execute acts of terrorism so that the military can justify their existence in the budget line -- roundabout extortion.

The AFP also uses these groups as running rabbits, in a pretense of hot pursuit, to justify their troops violation of MNLF-GRPH Peace Agreement and sometimes the GRPH-NPA Ceasefire Agreements.

The solution to this sickness of the AFP that I am launching is a sustained TRUTH CAMPAIGN which is a sustained communication to the public and the message would be:

"The GRPH have hands-on involvement in all terroristic operation of the MILF and Abu Sayyaf, and the AFP must stop its Black Ops. We support AFP Modernization but any increase in AFP budget must be spend purely on AFP Humanitarianization Program."

When I say "humanitarianization", I mean re-education and change in the reward system. Each personnel of the AFP must undergo an annual seminar in the Bill of Rights.

Each soldier should be awarded for the lives they save instead of the lives they took away.

Each soldier must be educated of the GRPH commitment to Peace Agreements and Ceasefire Agreements.

Each soldier must be taught to report Black Ops to higher authorities such as the Senate or Congress for they too are citizens aside from being soldiers.

The hazing in training centers must stop because it will make the trainees tolerant to pain and violation of human rights.

We do not have the support of mainstream media in this advocacy. Let's use this truth information as an endless supply of invisible bullet and fire it like a perpetual machinegun in the internet. I hope you can help me with this.

By the way, do not plagiarize, whenever you mention "AFP Humanitarianization Program", please refer to it as a suggestion that originated from the MNLF.

Feedback mechanism

P-Noy Facebook on 1/26/2011 at 1AM (around 12 hours after the bombing): "Uulitin ko lang po, at ito nga ho ay gusto kong ipahatid sa ating mga kababayan: Talaga pong hindi titigil ang inyong pamahalaan na mahanap itong mga taong gumawa ng karumal-dumal na krimen na ito, na talaga naman pong hindi nakatutok sa isang tao o isang grupo, eh, talagang pananakot lang po sa buong sambayanan."

JRP RESPONSE: "Pananakot" ang motibo? Sounds like you are very sure. Sayo ko yata una narinig yan ah. Meron na ba'ng nag claim ng responsibility at motibo? Kung wala pa eh, ikaw pa lang. Tandaan mo na ang AFP mo ay suspect din. At ikaw ang Commander-in-Chief ng AFP and you have all the AFP Information and you have command responsibility over any Black Operation.

Perhaps you forgot that the MILF was born because of the Black Ops manipulation of the AFP; and Abu Sayyaf is a child of the MILF. Everyone knows there is an invisible chain of command between the President down to the MILF and down to the Abu Sayyaf.

Wala namang Pilipinong natakot lumabas sa bahay after the bombing. Ikaw lang ang "parang" nagsasabi na dapat tayong matakot. You sound like you speak to reiterate the motives of the perpertrators.

Revelation of secret

The day after, the PNP publicly announced that 81MM Mortar Shell was used in the Buendia Bus Bombing. In my opinion, the public don't need to know that detail. That info is supposed to be secret because it should be used by the PNP to validate future claims of responsibility by any group who perpetrated it -- if the claimant can tell the material used, then their claim could be true. The PNP is now left with nothing to validate. Tingnan nyo ang gobyerno, lahat na politiko nakisawsaw na ng kanilang kanya-kanyang speculation papogi sa media, iba-ibang speculation -- maya-maya gagamit na yan sila ng bulilyo ng Jueteng para i-raffle ang mga gusto nilang pinag-sususpetsahan (they will use raffle to speculate and point fingers).

MOTIVE of the False Flag Operation

Normally, the perpetrator tells the motive of the act of terror. He will always tell. Rightaway everytime there is an act of terrorism, I always open my ears on the news and rumors on who will claim responsibility, if none, then I wait for the party who will "demand for something".

Look at the most recent Buendia Bus Bombing that left 4 innocent people dead and 14 others injured. The Commander-in-Chief of the AFP and President of the GRPH is the only person who is first to tell the world that the motive of the bombing was "terrorism and extortion". Right after the bombing, an article is published explaining the justification of the AFP's demand for a P 5 Billion increase in budget to buy modern killing machines.

When there is bombing and acts of terrorism, only the AFP will benefit from that. The Mindanao will not benefit from that, and no insurgents would benefit from any act of terrorism.

When there is war in Mindanao, only the AFP will benefit from that in terms of money they squeeze out of the war spendings. Mindanaoans does not want war in Mindanao.

Benefit from war and terror is the highest form of motive that will answer the question as to who perpetrates all these acts of savagery. When you talk about benefit of war, only the AFP benefits from it.

Look who's talking?

The MNLF is the biggest armed political party in the Philippines. Yet, in a research conducted by the United Nations in 2010, only the MNLF is not mentioned as a violator of children's rights. The UN listed the AFP, the MILF, the Abu Sayyaff, and the New People's Army (NPA) as violators of human rights in the Philippines.

MNLF is the only political party in the Philippines that is led by somebody with a distiction of UN Peace Awardee and Nobel Peace Laureate Nominee -- and that is Nur Misuari. He is the only one I recognize as the father of Egalitarianism in the Philippines.

The Buendia Bus Bombing has no negative impact on the GRPH-MNLF Peace Agreement. The armed conflict between the GRPH and the MNLF has ended in October 1993 Ceasefire Agreement and concluded in 1996 Peace Agreement. The MNLF have consistently fulfilled its commitment on the Ceasefire Agreement since 1993 up to present. Although there were many isolated instances when diviant GRPH politicians and soldiers reneged from their commitment, the MNLF just turned the other cheek because Nur Misuari, the leader of MNLF, is a man of honor and peace.

The MNLF condemns any act of terrorism and sympathize with the victims and their families. We hope that justice will be served.

The MNLF Camps are open to serve as a sanctuary for the witnesses who are afraid for their lives. If someone is personally knowledgeable about the perpetration of a terrorist act, and is driven by his/her conscience to testify in the name of justice, the MNLF Camps are willing to provide witness protection. The Muslim Bangsamoros of the MNLF grants asylum and sanctuary to anyone who is persecuted by injustice or anyone whose life and liberty is at risk while upholding righteousness.

A quick look at history

Photo above is the marker of the 1974 MOSQUE MASSACRE IN SULTAN KUDARAT.

In a single event, a total of 1776 innocent Moslem churchgoers were massacred by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in 1974 in Mindanao.

The signage read as follows:


Bangsamoro Republik
Moro National Liberation Front
Hadji Hamsa Tacbil Mosque
Malisbong, Palimbang
Province of Sultan Kudarat

This old mosque was constructed and owned by late Hadji Hamsa Tacbil, a former strong MNLF finance supporter. Tacbil mosque a placed where more than one thousand muslims civilians was massacred by philippine army 15th 1B infantry battalion on 24 september 1974 under the regime of then President Fedinand E. Marcos

Compliment by Comdr Tuan Bazar G Tacbil (MNLF)
and Tacbil Family


MNLF Humanitarianization Program

The AFP is too far behind the progress of the MNLF. The MNLF has already started implementing its Humaniratianization Program with zero budget while the AFP still uses bombings and other terroristic stage plays to justify their demanded increase in budget to acquire more killing machines. Only the MNLF has zero human rights violation according to UN.