Friday, January 14, 2011

Meaning of Symbols in the MNLF Flag

The three symbols represent the harmony of the Bangsamoro heart, mind, and body.

The STAR symbolizes the Bangsamoro virtues of TRUTHFULNESS, FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, and TOLERANCE to individual differences which guides the judgement of the leaders and people of the Bangsamoro Land. The color of the star is yellow gold.

The CRESCENT MOON symbolizes the Bangsamoro WISDOM as we endlessly journey through Political Changes, Technological Progress, and Economic Development. The color of the Crescent Moon is yellow gold.

The KRIS SWORD symbolizes Bangsamoro STRENGTH which defends our People's Freedom, Native Culture, Peacefulness, and Territorial Integrity. The Color of the Kris Sword is white with a yellow strip and its handle have five black stripes.

The Kris Sword is at the lower center and pointed to the right, which means the sword will always make loyalty decisions for the interest of the Bangsamoro motherland. Above the Kris Sword is the Crescent Moon at the middle left side. Above the Crescent Moon is the Star. The two lower legs of the Star touches the tips of the Crescent Moon.

The background of the flag has a color Red, which represents the Bangsamoro activism, decisiveness, persistence, frugality, and sacrifices in pushing forward the revolutionary struggle for survival, self-determination, and prosperity.

The MNLF Flag does not represent symbols of any religious, geographical, or ethnic groups.

Through time, various MNLF units have introduced many unique deviations on the design of the flag. The most common derivatives are (A) the sword is a straight-type kris and not the wavy type, (B) the star is outside the crescent moon, (C) there are Arabic or Tribal alphabetic markings.


Looking back at history, I personally recognize the Muslims Bangsamoro as the Official Vanguard of Mindanao. The Muslim Bangsamoro soldiers have made invaluable contribution and sacrifices for Mindanao. The only glory I can think of, that we can give as reward to the Bangsamoro heroes, is heaven in the afterlife according to their faith. It is my honor to assign and dedicate the 5-stripes symbols on handle of the Kris Sword to the Muslim Bangsamoro warriors. The five lines in the handle of the Kris Sword in the MNLF Flag shall represent the 'Five Pillars' of Islam which are the foundation of Muslim life that each Muslim Bangsamoro warrior must hold on to:

1. Faith or belief in the Oneness of God and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad,
2. Establishment of the daily prayers,
3. Concern for and almsgiving to the needy,
4. Self-purification through fasting, and
5. The pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able.

In recognition of the invaluable contribution and relentless sacrifice of the Muslim in protecting Mindanao in its entire history, the officers and men of the Bangsamoro Special Forces that will protect the Bangsamoro Corporation and the New Bangsamoro Townships shall be exclusive only for the Muslim Bangsamoro. As the Muslim Bangsamoro soldiers grip on the handle of the Kris Sword, may you hold on to the virtues of your faith.

The Bangsamoro Corporation shall produce Kris swords and daggers and it will become part of the standard military issue to each enlisted member of the Bangsamoro Special Forces. These Kris shall only be produced using finest metals, gems, and materials extracted indigenously from the Bangsamoro Land.

The Muslim exclusivity in the security division of the BSF is an honor they have earned historically as loyal protectors of Mindanao, and I personally and officially recognize and grant this honor.


MNLF Director for Advocacy Communication and Charity Projects
MNLF Negotiator for Economic Development Projects