Sunday, January 23, 2011

Causes and Solution to Unemployment

QUESTION: Sir John, what are the causes of increase in unemployment rate?

ANSWER: (1) increasing machines replacing labor, (2) decreasing access to higher education, (3) increasing subsidies to nonproductive population, (4) decreasing creation of new private companies, (5) increasing environmental damage, (6) increasing importation, (7) capital flight, (8) land idling/hoarding.

With the trend we are seeing around, it looks like unemployment and poverty will rapidly increase in unmanageable proportion. This is the reason why the rich capitalist/imperialist nations are working so hard to advocate reduction of population IN POOR COUNTRIES using friendly terms such as "Reproductive Health", "Population Control", "Contraceptives", "Safe Abortion", "Women's Right to Choose".

Unemployment and poverty is stoppable. If you notice, any nation can do something to reverse all those 8 factors I mentioned. You just have to empower the private sector, eradicate the corruption in the government sector, and trust an egalitarian-type dictator leader who will consolidate all these efforts.