Thursday, February 10, 2011

PNoy Government Provokes the MNLF

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) should not forget this Tacbil Massacre and other war atrocities of the Philippine Government against the Bangsamoro People and KEEP THE FIRE BURNING because we are seeing great signs of Government insincerety and treacherous tactics. I have to post this picture so we will look back and recollect our scattered identity and see a one picture of what we were originally fighting for.

The Peace Process has been dragged for 44 years already since the signing of the Tripoli Agreement in 1976 because the Philippine Government keeps on deliberately reneging from its commitment.

Recently, last 6 January 2011, just a few days after the Philippines Government (GRPH) shook hands with the MNLF to initialize the negotiated amendment of the ARMM Law, the GRPH agents operating in Mindanao treacherously took in one of our peaceful elder officer and detained him as a political prisoner. Clearly, the Government reneged from the 1994 MNLF-GRPH Joint Guidelines and Groundrules of the 1993 Ceasefire Agreement. The Government wants to get a strategic bargaining chip and make the MNLF "beg", just like what they arrogantly enjoyed and flaunted during the MILF-GRPH Negotiation in Malaysia today.

Well, if PNoy wants to provoke the MNLF, I will gladly help him. PNoy encourages people to communicate to him in trasparency via Facebook. However, I am not geting any Interim Response of my message below yet (as of this writing), so here is a repost.


Dear PNoy,

The upcoming MNLF-GRPH-OIC Tripartite Meeting is going to be nasty again. I was doing my routine swimming exercise this afternoon when I received a call from our higher-ups, asking for a RESULT of the message I posted here in your page. I was speechless, I thought you already acted on my request. I told them " kung walang result, bahala na kayo dyan kung ano ang dapat nyong gawin".

Here are the issues and I am requesting your point-person to be always AWAKE, and make a TUTOK, wag ipasa ang tutok, and update me (by FB Chat) of actions taken on your side.

Issue #1: Violation of the 1994 MNLF-GRP Joint Guidelines and Groundrules. Request: Immediate and unconditional release of your MNLF Political Prisoner named Pokan Marangit, an old veteran MNLF freedom-fighter since the 70s, arrested by PNP last 6 Jan 2011. Location: Police Precinct 01, Gen Santos City. I know the story of the arrest and I believe it's plain and simple political persecution.

Issue #2: OPPAP Publication in the Official Gazette referring Nur Misuari as "former" Chairman of the MNLF. Request: Please just edit the publication. I know this is a minor error, this is very easy thing to correct, so I expect this done within an hour or so.

I'll appease the people in my side after you fix the snafu. Linisin natin etong maliit na kalat ng mga sangay para swabe ang pag-uusap sa malalaking bagay. Maraming salamat. Keep me updated. I'll keep my FB and Cellphone open.