Thursday, February 10, 2011

Endorsing the Replacement of OPAPP Sec Teresita Deles

In my personal opinion, to progress in the Peace Process, Sec. Teresita Deles of OPPAP has to be replaced. She make the process a media hype, a clown entertainment, and a stage play. She created a faction in the MILF and MNLF and is negotiating with her puppet faction. Puppeteering is "convenient" for the stage-play but her dealing with the wrong persons, fake negotiation, and reneging won't work for peace at all.


I have read the transcript of the MILF-GRPH exploratory talks in Malaysia. It was all scripted. It is even the GRPH that sets the timeframe of the completion of the whole stretch of the peacetalk. The MILF just nodded to everything the GRPH says. The event is like father and son on a bonding vacation.


That is a FAKE MILF that the GRPH is talking with in Malaysia. GRPH created that FAKE MILF. There is no HONOR in that thing that they are doing! Those guys the GRPH are talking with doesn't have the ideology and stance of the REAL MILF. Those are GRPH puppets!

Do you think GRPH can do the same thing to MNLF? Hellloooooow!

The real MILF and the real MNLF are gradually moving away from the peace process. PNoy has to replace this remnant of the past administration if he wants to achieve real peace in Mindanao.


OPAPP under Deles may be successful in creating a Light a Candle for Peace hype. She may get the Filipinos light their candle, but if the Philippine Government continue talking to the puppets that Deles created in the MILF and MNLF, that light up for peace thing will just remain a media hype and a useless government expense. It will have no prestige, no challenge. It won't work for peace at all.



Nur: Sir John paki arrange nga meeting natin with PNoy.

John: Sir, makipagmeet na lang tayo kay Willie Nepumuceno impersonator in PNoy. Gayahin natin ang Phil Govt ohhh tingnan mo mga fake na MILF and MNLF ang kausap nila, televised and publicized pa. Hehehe.


QUESTION: Sir John, anong technique na gamitin ng GRPH para ma stage-show ang peace sa Mindanao?

JOHN: Simple lang. The GRPH will just tell the AFP and PNP to suspend all terroristic black-ops. Eto lang namang mga eto ang nag-teterrorize sa Bangsamoro Land eh, minsan mha "false flag", minsan sila mismo ang gumagawa.


PEACETALK ang mandate ng OPAPP, ehhh paano naman nag-divert ang activities nyan sa Economic Development and Charity Projects? Meron namang DSWD ah na merong Conditional Cash Transfer fund na kengkoy na hindi nakakarating the poorest of the poor in conflict areas. Tapos mag-hihingi na etong OPAPP ng donors para sila ang mag implement ng BDAF? Saan na ang principle of self-determination ng Bangsamoro People kung kayo mag implement ng mga projects?


Etong si Sec Teresita Deles, napaka-manipulative ng taong eto. Binabalasubas si Nur Misuari and referred to him as "former" MNLF Chairman. Take note na sa ngayon, no one can match the credential of Nur Misuari sa usapin ng kapayapaan. Only Nur Misuari, the Chairman of MNLF, is a certified UN Peace Awardee and Nobel Peace Laureate Nominee. Nur Misuari is the living National Hero of the Bangsamoro People.


Ang MNLF ang mag-lead ng PeaceTalk na eto hindi ang OPAPP. MNLF lang ang merong credential.

Always always remember two things (1) only Nur Misuari is distinguished as certified UN Peace Awardee and Nobel Peace Laureate Nominee who sincerely cares for Peace in the Bangsamoro Land, and (2) only the MNLF of Nur Misuari is not mentioned as human rights violator according to UN Security Council Report of 23 April 2010.

According to the United Nations Security Council report in 23 April 2010, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), New People's Army (NPA), and the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) are among the groups around the world that have subjected minors to the most brutal violence, such as killings, maimings, rapes and other sexual assaults. ( MNLF is not mentioned as a human rights violator in the 51-page report. Despite its huge number of armed freedom fighters, the MNLF under Nur Misuari has consistently maintained the discipline and integrity of its men and commitment to the Peace Agreement. The MNLF is also pioneer in Armed Forces Humanitarianization Program.


Ngayon pinapasindi-sindi pa ng Peace Candle si PNoy ni Deles? Hehehehe natatawa lang kami sa MNLF.

Tingnan mo lang yang stage play nila sa Malaysia na Fake MILF and GRP Exploratory Talk. Sino ba namang honorable na tao ang gagawa nyan?


Third week of February 2011, sa Jeddah ang signing ng MNLF-GRP Amendatory Agreement. Milyones ang gastos ng gobyerno sa event na eto. Si Sec Deles ng OPAPP ay inuuna na sumama sa Jeddah ang mga FAKE na MNLF na kausap ni GMA noong araw na nag-persecute kay Nur Misuari.

Ang kawawang matandang Nur Misuari, ang kanyang economic project team na kakausap sa mga investors sa Middle East, hindi makasama dahil inuna ni Deles ang kanyang mga Puppet! Grabe yan si Deles.


On the MILF-GRPH Exploratory Talk in Malaysia: Madaling kausapin mg ama (GRPH) ang anak (MILF). Walang challenge, walang prestige. Father and child back to homeland after bonding vacation!


Ang OPAPP sa pamamahala ni Sec. Deles ay walang sense of urgency mag-correct ng error ng Philippine Government sa mga violation nito sa Peace Agreements with the MNLF. Kahit merong ceasefire and final peace agreement, tuloy pa rin ang Political Persecution ng Philippine Government laban sa mga MNLF.

Etong dalawang issue na eto, napakabagal ng OPAPP mag resolve. Walang sense of urgency.

Issue #1: POLITICAL PERSECUTION --- Violation of the 1994 MNLF-GRP Joint Guidelines and Groundrules. Request: Immediate and unconditional release of your MNLF Political Prisoner named Pokan Marangit, an old veteran MNLF freedom-fighter since the 70s, arrested by PNP last 6 Jan 2011. Location: Police Precinct 01, Gen Santos City. I know the story of the arrest and I believe it's plain and simple political persecution.

Issue #2: PROVOCATION and DISRESPECT -- OPAPP Publication in the Official Gazette referring Nur Misuari as "former" Chairman of the MNLF.


Ang style of GMArroyo is somethng we call FAKE PEACE SOLUTION, which follows the style of DICTATOR MARCOS. Using the patay-gutom lawyers in DOJ, she invented cases and jailed the MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari, and using the media she spread bad... rumors against him. Then she manipulated the creation on a 15-Men Council in the MNLF to stage show a betrayal against Nur Misuari and talked peace to these 15-Men. Ohhhhhh by the way, these 15-Men are actually FAKE MNLF because they dont follow the ONE MNLF DOCTRINE. So you see that liar sanamabitch GMA used media and govt to make you believe that there is PEACE. But what you did not know, because of media black-out, is that the Genuine MNLF does not recognize all peacetalk negotiated papers under the Arroyo Regime because she was dealing with the FAKE MNLF. During the Arroyo Regime, the progress of the Peace Process is ZZZEEEEERRROOOO!

How about the MILF? Well, MILF actually came from MNLF. The original name of MILF was "New MNLF". The Genuine MILF have the following characteristics (1) They don't negotiate with government, and (2) they want independent pure islamic state for Mindanao.

So you see, there are Genuine MILF, but there is also a FAKE MILF who already existed way back during the time of Dictator Marcos. Strange is, these Fake and Genuine sometimes change faces so fast you can't tell who is who. These FAKE MILF are being paid stipend by the Philippine Government (depends on the Administration) as a front to BURN CITIES AND ENTIRE TOWNS and TERRORIZE THE METROPOLIS to (1) scare the Christians and smudge dirt on the face of Islam and the Muslims, and (2) to justify AFP/DND budget to buy more machines to kill-en-mass the Muslim Filipinos. GMA used this FAKE MILF for her own selfish political interest.

Now we have a Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (Sec Deles of OPAPP) who is a remnant of the GMA-Regime and inheritted by the Aquino Administration. As a protege of GMA, she is dealing with the 15-Men Council FAKE MNLF, and the is an irreparable damage betwen her and the Genuine MNLF because she disrespected Nur Misuari by calling him "Former MNLF Chairman". She also staged show an exploratory peace negotiation with a FAKE MILF recently in Malaysia. She may enjoy the ease of the job of playing on a fixed-game, and she enjoys convenience of the media hype, but it destroys her honor as a Negotiator and it does not achieve peace at all.

For us, the Genuine MNLF, we would rather talk with a goat than with T.Deles. Mas nakakakilala pa ng tao ang kambing kesa kay T.Deles. She has to be replaced by the government.