Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Female Clitoris Mutilation

QUESTION: Sir John, what is your position on female clitoris mutilation?

ANSWER: I am against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but with reservation. There are exempting circumstances. If she had it mulitated out of her own free-will, then there is no issue. If it is part of a traditional practice that is unique to an Ethnic Indigenous People and they practice it exclusively among their own people, then there is no problem.


There are even more gross and cruel things that people do to people such as decapitation, embowelment, crucifiction (oh boy you see images of this all over the place), bone growth restriction, and even skin whitening.


The bottomline is, just mind your own clit, you know. If someone grabs you and tries to cut it, then tell me so I can help you. But if you join some vodoos and have your clit cut or pierced in your own free will for some reason, then why the hell should we care?


We should only react in a large scale advocacy when it becomes a discrimination issue, for example when we begin to see Ads that says: "RICH BACHELOR LOOKING FOR A WIFE. MUST BE FGM-CERTIFIED"


We have nothing to do with it if it is their culture that inflicts it upon their own people. We respect their culture. If they don't like their culture, then thay leave and go somewhere else.

If you want to help, then advocate that society should provide a sanctuary where cultural refugees can get protection. But this sanctuary must welcome all sorts of cultural refugees. You don't have to aggressively encroach, scandalize, and tell them that their cultural practive is barbaric.

If you attack an indigenous people's culture, that is DISCRIMINATION AGAINST ETHNIC ORIGIN. Exhortationism have limitations too.


SIDE COMMENT: "RESPECT the head.hunting cultures. pwede na john?"

RESPONSE: Yan ang mahirap kung gagamit ka ng "extremization" tactics sa debate. Unfair yan na tinutulak mo ako to an extreme na hindi ko naman position na ibalik ang barbaric cultures. Wala akong sinasabi na i-cultivate at suportahan yang barbaric practices. Ang sinasabi ko, huwag natin pakialaman ang HINDI ATIN. Indigenous culture NILA yan, hindi yan ATIN.

We should not act like a superior race that IMPOSE upon the ideals of right and wrong to someone else's culture.

Yes! respect the Head-Hunting culture if that is indigenous to a certain group of people with a unique ethnic origin and specific territory. When I say "culture", the persons involved are WILLING PARTICIPANTS. If the participant says, "I volunteer that my head will be hunted, and you will be the head-hunters" -- then we have no problem.

However, if a certain group of people have indigenous culture of Head Hunting and they will go to the towns at night to head-hunt people's head, then we have a problem because it is against the will of the person whose head ended up on the plate.

To avoid extremization, let's just focus on the CLIT. Two exemption (1) FREE WILL, and (2) CULTURE. Take not of the word "AND" in between those two exemptions.


Religious, cultural, and racial discrimination is BAD because it provokes armed conflict that may result to war and genocide. So, be prudent not to cross the line.

We can't allow killing of people just because of those CLITS!

Petition against FGM is okay if you will condemn any act of war that is based on this petition.

When I say that advocacy and exhortationism have limitations too. Now you see CLIT ADVOCATES, the following day you see an entire indigenous people massacred. Who benefits from that?

Creating sanctuaries is the reason why we, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is gearing will all our might towards the creation of sanctuary settlements called the New Bangsamoro Townships (NBT). Look it up in google.


DEAR SOMEONE: The issue of Female Genital Circumcision is a women's rights and poverty issue. It is not a religion issue. This issue is often abused to discriminate Muslims. See this video that shows Christians also practice it. The Terror of the Female Circumcision in Christianity at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fUlsMafFjM