Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Language Discrimination

Language Discrimination -- a part of the Philippine Culture that causes people's inhibition to communicate. Many Filipinos have this thing I call "grammar and spelling auto-correction syndrome" that embarasses the victim. This syndrome, which is a common obsessive compulsive disorder syndrome of the Elites and Social Climbers, prevents people to speak their mind. Too bad.

English Subject in school is learning, you may apply language correction, especially if you are a teacher it's okay to make auto correction.

Real Life is communication, you don't apply Language Discrimination. For instance, if you talk to (let's say) a Japanese who is trying to communicate to you in difficult English, you don't do language correction. Be careful also if you are a parent, doing that language correction is okay but you have to let the child understand the issue of Language Discrimination because auto-correcting a child may teach the child to use that to ridicule and be rude to other children.

I saw this youtube of a pretty candidate of a beauty contest. During the interview, she was asked in English, so she attempted to answer it in English. The whole audience just burst into laughter when she said a gramatically wrong string. The audience is very rude. As a result, she stopped communicating her mind. That was clear Language Discrimination by a mass of Filipino audience. Too bad.

Remember, people have a right to speak and communicate. Language Discrimination is somewhat violative of the said right.

The individual should restrain himself from his instinct of auto-correction so that it would not impede the communication.