Friday, January 18, 2013

Vote buying in bulk

Mag-ingat din sa mga kandidato nga "bulk buyers". Bulk buying is a situation wherein a candidate run with a sole purpose of denting the potential votes of the opponents of his client. Example: we have two BIG opposing candidates.

Candidate AA is pro incumbent administration. Candidate BB is opposition to incumbent administration. What candidate AA will do is find someone who share the same political sentiment with candidate BB and ask that person to run and lets call him AAB.

There will be voters of Candidate BB who will vote Candidate AAB, and as a result, Candidate AAB will dent the number of votes for Candidate BB, and the further result of the dent will help Candidate AA win.

Candidate AAB running the election is secretly finance by Candidate AA, and after the election Candidate AAB is paid by Candidate AA by the number of heads who voted for Candidate AAB.

In short, dalawang pamamaraan para bumili ng boto. First is you buy voters to vote for you. And the second one is you buy voters to split the vote of your opponent. These payments can be done directly to the voters or to the one who will facilitate the bulk vote. The second one is more smooth and efficient to implement because you only have to pay one person.

Kung gusto mo nang marami pang komplikadong pamamaraan sa politika. Beer lang ang katapan nyan, kwekwentohan kita! He he he. (Friendster Blog. 9/21/2009)