Monday, January 21, 2013

"Marriage" a term not for gays and lesbians

QUESTION: Rltr. John, what is your take on gay marriage?

ANSWER: Marriage is a terminology referring to union of man and woman. It started as a religious ritual and later on became a legal ritual. I am not inclined to "twist" or "expand" the definition of the word Marriage. The unique feature in Marriage is that the union can be religiously or legally separated for failure to bear a child -- this is the unique feature that can never apply in same-sex. So, I don't support the term "Same Sex Marriage" and my reason is on the proprietary rights of the man-woman relationship that is an integral part of the definition of the terminology of Marriage. The definition of words have their line of defense. You can't easily expand the definition. If we allow expansion of the definition, you are looking at a breach of the line of defense, meaning, expanding the definition of marriage from man-woman to man-man and woman-woman would be a precedence to expand it further to man-dog or woman-dog, and who knows in the future it will expand to man-plant or woman-plant or woman-car. The future is not far, I have already seen a porn wherein a woman is having sex with a cucumber or eggplant. I also have seen a porn wherein a woman is having sex with the shift knob of the car. So, let's respect the word marriage, okay.

There is no State that can prevent an eventuality of two individuals of same gender signing an agreement called Same Sex Partnership -- in the agreement, they can put ALL provisions that resemble a marriage, but the terminology must be something else, and MUST not be "marriage". It is time to invent a new terminology.