Friday, January 18, 2013


Avoid TraPolitiClans

The parameters of the term "traditional politicians" or TRAPO has never been defined. In fact, if I follow my own definition of TraPo, NoyNoy would be classified as one TraPo.

In my definition, which I think many will disagree, a TraPo is someone who represents the people who financed his campaign.

The keyword here is FINANCED. The TraPo has a very weak conviction and principle of Right&Wrong because he is overwhelmed by his loyalty to the persons behind his campaign fund or machinery.For some, TraPo means an old-timer politician who protects his selfish interest (family, business, organization, locality, financier, cronnies).

Below are my original opinion and I came up with a ten characteristics of a TraPo.

1. Kind of "What's in it for me?"

2. Political campaign is indebted to "someone" who he/she will secretly call "boss"

3. Unethical - lobbies favors for his/her family, friends, political financiares

4. Invests in Campaign Machineries that limits the choices of the general voters (TV Ads, Sobrang dami ng Posters, at lalo na Surveys)

5. Usual political clans -- kamag-anak ng mga "kumita na" sa gobyerno at para bang mga bank robber na pagkatapos tumakas ay gusto pang balikan ang mga natirang kapranggot na barya sa sahig ng banko.

6. Has armed private army

7. No SPECIFIC WORK AGENDA before running for the position

8. Namimigay ng direct tulong using government money at pinagmamayabang na sa kanya ang perang tinulong nya.

9. Binabalandra ang kanyang pangalan sa Government Projects katulad ng tulay, school building, ambulance, etc na para bang siya ang personal na nag-donate.

10. Biglang lumalaki ang bahay at dumadami ang sasakyan pag naka-upo na.

11. Sa bahay nila, may naka-pila na mga taong mahihirap na humihingi ng tulong pang-libing, pang-gamot, pang-tuition, pang-tanim, pang-binyag, pang-kasal, pang-piyansa sa nakakulong, pang-sports uniform, at kung ano-ano pa. These politicians normally get their dole-out money from corrupt activities (Robinhood style).

A not-TraPo make sides based on their personal conviction and service for the greater good of the country. In my opinion, the only politicians I can think of who are not TraPo are the likes of Jovito Salongga, Rene Saguisag, and Juan Flavier, and NeNe Pimentel.

Traditional dynasties of politicians becomes unbreakable when we as a nation CONTINUE to patronize a political monopoly of the few clan.Political Dynasty is a heirarchy of politicians from same clans. In other countries, Political Dynasty is associated with "monarchy". But in the Philippines, political dynasty is different, it is not a monarchy type, but rather a GRAND SLAM NEPOTISM.

In the Philippines, we have seen that political positions are very profitable businesses. Maraming politician ang yumayaman sa corruption at gusto nilang ipa-mana ang negosyo-de-gobyerno sa mga anak-anak nila. These corrupt clans have already made a long-term pact with the corrupt contractors and both of them wants to ensure na tuloy-tuloy ang ligaya. For some TrapPolitiClans, whose main source of wealth is government contracts, the holding on to the political position have become so important in their survival. As the political positions are passed on from one generation to the next within the same family, businesses are passed on, corruption lives forever.

There is no list of TraPolitiClans. You have to determine it by yourself. You should avoid voting or supporting these TraPolitiClans if you want CHANGE in your country or locality. IKAW MISMO ang magbabago ng sistema by not voting the TraPolitiClans.

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