Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons Why PNoy Administration Will Fail

QUESTION: Why was Pres. Ramos successful in administering the Philippines and how do you compare him with Pres. Arroyo and Pres. Aquino?

ANSWER: Immediately after Pres. Ramos won the election in 1992, his first 100 days program was courtship to get the support of ALL political parties, he gave all the BEST men and women in politics a position regardless of party. Yung iba binigyan ng appointed position, at yung karamihan ay binigyan ng projects. Pati nga MNLF niligawan nya at na-convince niya si Nur Misuari to sign a Final Peace Agreement in 1996 and take a post in government (ARMM Governor).

The Ramos Administration was the most vibrant democracy ever felt by Philippines, and it gave us 6 years of very fast progress. Yung nga lang medyo na-iwan ang mahihirap sa progress, pero etong katotohanan na eto ay hindi pinag-takpan ng Ramos Administration kaya nanalo si Erap under an Anti-Poverty slogan.

The Arroyo Administration was "insecure" because it knew that it was a power-grab, understandably so it persecuted all its political opponents, she jailed everyone using "invented" cases. As a result the Philippines did not progress because so much government energy was wasted on the negative effect of political disunity. Corruption was also high because Pres. Arroyo has to bribe everyone with corruption money to buy their loyalty.

This Noynoy Aquino Administration now is showing some signs of intellectual and aristocratic arrogance, a typical manners of the elite. The Liberal Party is monopolizing the seats in the Administration. They courted the support of the other political parties but is not giving them relevant and functional positions. The result I am expecting is a "vacuum" wherein we can barely see the best ones in politics playing a relevant role in government.

Ang pinakamalakas na contender ni PNoy ay si Erap. Maraming supporters si Erap at nasa kanya ang mga think-tanks na "experts" and "sincere" sa anti-poverty and anti-corruption. I was supporting Erap, I provided him with advocacy support on his plans and programs. In short, sa panahon ng election, opponent talaga namin yan si PNoy.

Pagka-panalo ni PNoy, nahati sa dalawang grupo ang Erap Camp. Isang grupo gusto ituloy ang laban against kay PNoy, ang pangalawang grupo na kinabibilangan ko ay gusto "tulungan" si PNoy. Mahigit kalahating taon nang nagdaan, walang signal na "welcome" ang ibang parties (kami) sa PNoy Administration, hindi nakikinig si PNoy sa mga tao na hindi niya "kakilala", hindi nag-reach-out si PNoy sa ibang political parties kahit "projects" lang wala, at nag-reretaliate ang PNoy Administration sa mga exhortationists. So, ang most likely na direction nito is we have to accept we made a mistake and wasted time in supporting PNoy, and we have to reunite again with the first group who have always been fighting against the "naghaharing uri".

PNoy is running the government like a private family corporation, hindi vibrant ang democracy. PNoy treats the Presidential Seal as a brand with a reputation to protect at all cost, so he would make palusot (excuses and blaming) for the failures.


QUESTION: Sir John, ano po ang pinaka-reason bakit mag-fail etong PNoy administration on anti-poverty and anti-corruption?

ANSWER: (1) high-profile but low caliber thinktanks ang mga tao niya ngayon, (2) Liberal Party monopoly, (3) Kingly mentality ayaw niya mag reachout ng kamay sa ibang political camps, (4) Plastic ayaw ng corruption pero nandyan pa Jueteng, (5) Publicity-conscious puro palusot and excuses.


PNoy should stop smoking if he wants to use 20-30% more of his brain. "It appears that smokers have an altered opioid flow all the time, when compared with non-smokers, and that smoking a cigarette further alters that flow by 20 to 30 percent in regions of the brain important to emotions and craving." Read more at http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20041027/smoking-cigarettes-affects-brain-like-heroin.


QUESTION: Sir John, who's to blame for the rampant corruption among government employees? Is education a solution?

ANSWER: Lack of ethics education of government employees and professionals can be blamed on Civil Service Commission and Professional Regulatory Commission.


QUESTION: Sir John, Malacanang open to increase the amount of fuel subsidy to jeepneys and tricycles. What can you say about this?

ANSWER: That means government excessively collects VAT from petroleum and it robs the private cars while it spared the jeepney and tricycle drivers.


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