Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I favor National ID System

National ID System is good for the general population. If you stop the National ID system, you are one with the TraPolitiClans because in that National ID issue, there is only one group that is against it, the group that is composed of TraPolitiClans who cuddle wanted criminals and make them their private armies.

National ID System is the fundamental backbone of the government's information system. In the US, they have US Social Security Number as the backbone since the 1930s, and almost all developed countries have similar system. SS# is assigned at the moment the American child is born. In the Philippines we are still catching up, we are 80 years behind in terms of government information technology development.

Because Philippine has no IT backbone, there is a very high fraud incidence in our country. Without National ID, people can easily acquire multiple fraudulent identities, swindling incidents is high, tax evasion is high, security and credit risks is high, and government transaction is repetitively paperish. Absense of National ID System is the very reason why Philippines is already considered as the most corrupt nation in Asia.


I dedicate this blog to my Facebook friends who celebrate their birthdays.

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1. AIRPORT QUALITY DOWN. April 2011. Ninoy Aquino International Airport, voted one of the world's 10 worst airports and the worst in Asia for 2010 by an interactive website. Read at http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/breakingnews/view/20110412-330747/NAIA-voted-worst-airport-in-Asia-ranks-5th-in-world

2. POVERTY UP. Some 20.5 percent of Filipinos or about 4.1 million families are going hungry while 51 percent, or some 10.4 million families, consider themselves "mahirap" or poor , according to a new survey by pollster Social Weather Stations. See

3. INVESTMENT DOWN. Philippines is second least attractive investment site in ASEAN. The Manila Times Online. March 2011. URL: http://www.manilatimes.net/opinion/2nd-least-attractive-investment-site-in-asean/

4. CORRUPTION UP. Daily Tribune report about the PERC Survey that says Philippines is most corrupt nation in Asia. March 2011. URL: http://www.tribuneonline.org/headlines/20110331hed1.html

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