Saturday, April 30, 2011

Blog on: 'Follow the Islamic way to save the world' - Prince Charles urges environmentalists

Today, I was reading this article at Mail Online at URL and I looked back to compare it with the Mindanao case.

Did you know that the root cause Ampatuan Massacre was all about environmental protectionism? In fact, the entire war being fought by the MNLF in Mindanao is largely rooted on the cause of the protecting the environment from land grabbing, illegal logging, inappropriate mining, and unsustainable commercialized fishing.

It seems Mindanao is underdeveloped compared to Visayas and Luzon as of the present, but Mindanao can last longer through the trying times of global warming because our Muslim warriors have protected the environment with their lives, which is a great sacrifice of the present generation for the future generation.


Just don't forget that ARMM is a product of the MNLF-GRP Peace Pact of 1976. From 1976-present, the GRP took the obligation of managing ARMM -- pangit ang kinalabasan. Nagpalusot ang GRP, sabi niya may problema daw sa election system dahil corrupted daw. So sabi ng MNLF, "sige ayusin nyo at wala muna election, mag appoint muna kayo para ayusin ninyo, you may use civil society organizations and your LGUs for advocacy support". Mahaba ang pasensya ng MNLF. Kung hindi naman kaya ng GRP na i-manage ang ARMM, sana mag-kusa na siyang mag-bitaw sa ARMM to pave the way for Genuine Autonomy that can only be operated by MNLF.


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