Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oppression Causes Insurgency

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the root cause of insurgency? Why is it persistent in Philippines?

ANSWER: They persist because the oppressed people in the rural areas choose to fight back against the private/government armies of the politicians and their cronies who do land grabbing, mining, and logging. They have to protect their lives, land, and environment. Insurgency stops at the moment the oppression stops.


Jacob Yap : Except the Communist they probably wont stop till we have a Communist government, or maybe they just like keep harassing and plundering everyone.

ANSWER: The people should be politically tolerant to non-violent diversity of ideology. Any kind of ideology, once you suppress its power to influence democratic decisions, it results to a longterm protracted armed conflict. So, it is a bad idea to suppress an ideology.


QUESTION: Sir John, what is the difference betwen government and global governance?

ANSWER: Government refers ot public institutions and state-centered systems created by the laws of the nation state. Global governance is the collective actions of government, non-government, trans-government, and even anti-government groups and network of individuals seeking to influence and shape public policy. Insurgents are part of the influential factors in governance and they must not be suppressed.


QUESTION: Sir john, why are you tolerant to the communist? ANSWER: Peace through Political Tolerance and Religious Tolerance are two of my advocacies that I give utmost importance. This advocacy is the very reason why I perfectly fit in the Egalitarian ideology of the MNLF. In MNLF, it takes years and decades before you rise up the ladder of leadership; but in my case because of my naturally perfect alignment of ideology prior to my entry in the MNLF, I was immediately given a high rank entry level.


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