Thursday, March 10, 2011

Best Approach to Substance Abuse Problem

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the best policy on substance abuse?

ANSWER: All substances derived from nature have good use and also abuse (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, opium, etc). None should be prohibitted, but could be regulated. All persons who have committed deviant behavior (crime, violence, indolence, absenteesm, discrimination, habitual tardiness, etc) should be diagnosed on substance abuse.

Substance abuse can be tested scientifically using blood/urine. Substance abuse is a mitigating circumstance in determining and confirming a deviant behavior. Once diagnosed, it can also be used as a cause-factor that can be the focus of medical or rehabilitative treatments.

The Egalitarians treat people equally and we will provide humanitarian care for ALL especially the sick and the deviants. All crimes should be "treated". The motive of the treatment should not be vengeance but rehabilitation. It is evil to equate justice with satisfying vengeance, anger, and hate.

Treatment comes in many forms, ranging from jail term to simple house arrest. But the objective of rehabilitating a criminal should be above all purposes.

Did God created grass to destroy mankind? Should society jail for six years a person who possess grass in his pocket, and after that discriminate his access to employment? Ano na nangyayari sa mundo na kinagisnan natin?