Thursday, March 10, 2011

Religious Discrimination is a Major Cause of Armed Conflict

QUESTION: Sir John, I have read your official MNLF comment in Philippine Star warning them against use of word "Muslim" or "Islam" when talking about criminals and terrorists, I think you are the first who is ever doing that advocacy. By the way, does MNLF also protect Christians against discrimination by Muslims?

ANSWER: YES. Part of my personal crusade as MNLF Director for Advocacy Communication is to eradicate religious discrimination. This is part of the Peace Initiative of MNLF and we do it the guerilla advocacy way because this is an unfunded project. Regarding your question about protecting Christians against Muslim's discrimination, it gave me a hard time thinking about it. I was searching the whole day yesterday I could not find any muslim media publication that discriminates Christians. Christian publications discriminating Muslims are like tons and tons of cases. I am a Christian, don't forget.

I could find cases of Christian Sects discriminating another Christian Sects, well, actually discriminating one another as they squabble for "market share".

Religious discrimination is one of the major provoking factors of armed conflict.

The Chrisian Leaders have to talk among themselves in an closed door executive session to find ways that will restrain their members from discriminating other religions. The journalists should also include this issue in their code of ethics.

PRIEST: "Peace be With You"

RESPONSE: "And Also With You"