Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Characteristics or Marks of a TRAPO

By: Facebooker alyas QUI TAM LAWS VS. CORRUPTION

1) He buys votes with cash, gifts, goods, foods, goodies and promises of employment in government offices;

2) He cheats in elections;

3) He spends a fortune to win an election;

4) He cheats even before the election by indirectly campaigning ahead of the period allowed by law;

5) He kills to eliminate, or employs intimidation to scare away, oppositions;

6) He espouses the perpetuation of the pork barrel;

7) He is corrupt, a thief and a cheat;

8) He grooms a son, a daughter, a spouse or a grandchild as his successor;

9) He practices patronage politics such as horse trading (scratch my back and I will scratch yours), and by stuffing government offices with relatives and political supporters regardless of their qualifications;

10) He loves to do visible though less priority projects where he can write his name and post his photograph;

11) He promotes herd mentality among his people;

12) He is unprincipled and behaves like a chameleon: changing his colors (ideological, religious, etc.) to those of the people whose support he seeks;

13) He is a turncoat (changing his political party as often and as easily as he does his dress);

14) He has a bloated ego, believing that he is indispensable for the welfare of his people;

15) His answers to questions on important issues is always vague;

16) He gives fish to his constituents rather than teaching them how to fish;

17) He has no long-term platforms of governance;

18) He unduly influences law enforcers, investigators, fiscals and judges to help a political supporter;

19) He panders to religious groups to win their votes;

20) He says only what his listeners want to hear, not what should really be said;

21) He condones wrong and lawlessness among his relatives, friends, party mates, electors and supporters;

22) He does not mind acting like a clown to please the crowd (especially voters); and

23) He loves to grandstand.


Friends, please feel free to add more characteristics of a TRAPO that we may have overlooked… Salamat po!