Thursday, March 31, 2011

Incorrigible corruption under the Aquino Administration

Philippines 2011, most corrupt and least attractive portfolio in Asia. It is our noble task to share these links in your wall and to your friends. We have to keep on nagging the government to change and stop the incorrigible culture corruption in Philippines we are facing at present.

This article will show that the Philippine Government under the Aquino Administration is incorrigible in the aspect of corruption. Personally speaking, I presented and complained to PNoy Facebook Page a specific case of red tape being committed in an agency under the jurisdiction of the Office of the President. PNoy did not act on it, nag retaliate pa sa akin. Incorrigible talaga yan, sure na.

Recommended Readings

1. Philippines is second least attractive investment site in ASEAN. The Manila Times Online. March 2011. URL:

2. Daily Tribune report about the PERC Survey that says Philippines is most corrupt nation in Asia. March 2011. URL:

3. Corruption Warning About Philippine Real Estate Buying and Investing. Google Blog Nov 2010. URL:


The oligarchs behind the Administration and the plutocrats who are benefiting from the corruption are conspiring to cover-up these issues. The conspirators will use the traditional media (TV/RADIO/PAPER) to cover it up with other none-sense issues like past. These conspirators will focus on broadcasting pogi-points news and pretending to be anti-corrupt by investigating the past administration, they will move to administrationalize of the courts and watchdog agencies, but they will not come up with policies to PREVENT ongoing corruption. Let's not play with these cover-up artists. Let's use the internet to counter them. Corruption is a disease, we cannot pay serious attention to it and it cannot be cured as long as we suppress the pain.


(1) Pinauuwi na mga host countries napakaraming OFWs sa Pinas, (2) Napakabagal ang pag-dami ng SMEs sa Pinas dahil nasapawan ng pagpasok ng mga MLM, (3) Environment prevents agriculture, livestock, and fisheries from producing sufficiently, (4) real estates sector integrity is fast degrading, (5) Corruption is incorrigible. Patay na ang Pinas in the next 5 years pag ma-ubos na mga savings ng middle class.


QUESTION: Sir John, why can't govt stop oil price hike?

ANSWER: Govt is not on the side of the oil consumer, neither on the side of the oil sellers. It is the govt who enjoys oil price hike, the consumers and sellers don't enjoy it. When oil price increase, VAT collection of govt increases. When govt need money, it can take advantage of the Libyan war to stimulate the few oil companies to raise price.


QUESTION: Sir John, papaano pa sa tingin mo makaka recover and Pilipinas after all the past recent scenarios na published sa mga peryodico? Are there any upside happenings that are not being covered by the media that perhaps are newsworthy?

ANSWER: Publishing the upside news will not make the downside less toxic. The traditional local media and the government is ALREADY partnering to cover up the downside to fool the people and make them believe that everything is fine, but this pretention won't be sustainable because we are already in the information age. As long as Philippines will not follow the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS, it will continue to become the least attractive investment site both for local and foreign investors, and this will naturally will herd its people like sheeps to the slaughterhouse.

I myself have taken steps to reachout and show my intentions to help the Philippines, at least in my sector which is Real Estate. But the oligarchic Aquino Administration deliberately suppressed me. That is just ME ALONE who can testify to this, but I believe there are still many more good guys out there who are also suppressed by the government. This is what I call the point when the Philippine Incorrigibile Culture of Corruption has already rooted firmly in government, media, and general population. In my estimate, any action that will abruptly and painfully replace Administrations will do LONG-TERM more harm than short-term good.

With the incorrigible corruption pattern that I see right now, I believe that Philippines going down is inevitable within the next ten years. To MINIMIZE the damage, it is better for Bangsamoro Land put on it's lifevest, jump out of the sinking boat, and fasttrack it's paddling towards independence. There is a bigger ship out there called the OIC who has long been willing to help Bangsamoro Land. Manila will eventually become an "old city" and "crime capital" of the world.


I dedicate this blog to my Facebook Freiends who celebrate their birthdays today. Afirahs Muty, Carissa Adora Balanon, Cathelyn Yabut, Gian Ferol Dabalos, Gm Shahoney Mercado, Hazel Porsincula, Jason Mande, Joey Valdez, Malou Fabello-Agudo, Maria Isabel Evangelista, Rey Mark Remollo, Roan Penera Emuslan, Tatyana Kopieva