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Egalitarianism and Open Society versus Communism


EGALITARIANISM is an ideology which affirms, promotes, or characterizes a principled belief in the EQUALITY of ALL PEOPLE in the political, economic, social, and civil rights aspects regardless of differences in religion, race, ethnic origin, age, and gender. Egalitarianism is the common denominator between me and Nur Misuari; and it is the political ideology of the MNLF.

Socialist Communism versus Egalitarian Open Society

The ideology of SOCIALISM leads to COMMUNISM. Socialism is a HUGE operation and it will not work efficiently and sufficiently if you make it a function of government.

My ideology is EGALITARIANISM and it leads to OPEN SOCIETY.

COMMUNISM is equality of people's wealth by means of a top-to-bottom policy dictated by an oligarchy. Each family gets 1 kilo of rice regardless of size of family. Each person works 8 hours a day regardless of their physical condition. In communism, the general people are not allowed to become rich even if they work more, and you are dead if you are unfit to work. Only the oligarchy in power are the ones who enjoy the extremely expensive pleasures in life.

OPEN SOCIETY is a vibrant democracy wherein there is equality of people's access to basic empowering factors such as basic healthcare, education, basic housing, and basic food. People face a start-line in life with unrestricted access to join the race along the highway of wide range of opportunities. Those who work more become rich, and those who work less will just be a normal person who lives a "decent lifestyle" under the basic social welfare baseline.

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the difference between the Egalitarian Society of the CPP/NPA/NDF versus the MNLF?

ANSWER: The proposed Egalitarian Society of the CPP/NDF/NPA is one that is a close economy and economic activity is DICTATED upon by the State, or simply a Communist Regime. The MNLF proposes an OPEN SOCIETY which is something more advanced, it is the future world order, and better than DEMOCRACY.

QUESTION: Sir John, why is OPEN SOCIETY of MNLF the future world order?

ANSWER: (1) It provides sanctuary to forced migrations, (2) It is tolerant to differences in religion, ethnic origin, political ideologies, gender, and race, (3) It provides sufficient food for the present generation without depleting the productivity of natural resources, (4) Its governance is responsive, reliable, sustainable, and accountable.


Egalitarianism and Democracy

The Philippines is an OLIGARCHY country, not a democracy. You may look forward first on how to topple the Oligarchy through elections, and be careful because most of the time, the replacement of an Oligarchy is another Oligarchy.

In Bangsamoro Land, the Egalitarian MNLFs believe that democracy is not merely allowing people to endlessly shoutout their economic frustrations, but providing policies of equal opportunities so that the private sector will supply goods, services, and employment that will end these shoutouts. We see the Philippines as a good example of how not to run a country.

Democracy is a SUPPLY of Economic, Political, and Religious Freedom, it is not a mere DEMAND of Freedom.


Egalitarianism Versus Oligarchs

QUESTION: Sir John, let's say a P1B fund, compared to Oligarchs, how will Egalitarian MNLF use it for anti-poverty program? ANSWER: Intelligent question. Oligarchs will give away the P1B to 100,000 families at P1,000/mo each for ten months to augment consumption. Egalitarians would pick the poorest 1,000 families, allocate P1M each and have them assisted by 100 business mentors through successful business start-up.

Oligarchs boost consumption without creating income-generating activities, thus increasing the "dependency" of the population on them. Worse is when Oligarch's twin sister named Cronyism comes into the picture -- the people will be forced to consume the goods of the Crony -- the P1,000/month will be in the form of Crony Food Basket.

Egalitarians boost productive activities that will create sustainable income, thus encreasing the "independence" of the population at the household level.

QUESTION: Sir John, what is the difference between how the oligarchs/plutocrats and the egalitarians use economic stimulus spending?

ANSWER: Oligarchs spend it more on direct subsidies to increase the "wage/alms dependency" of the people. Egalitarians such as the MNLF propose industrialization to increase jobs, productivity, income, and financial independence of the people.


Egalitarianism position on Homosexuality

QUESTION: Sir John, I am a gay/homosexual. Islam is against homosexuals. Christianity is against homosexuals. How about MNLF?

ANSWER: The ideology of MNLF is EGALITARIANISM, meaning, people should be respected despite differences in religion, race, ethnic origin, political ideology, and GENDER. The MNLF will protect the gay population in Bangsamoro Land.


Egalitarianism and Dictatorship

QUESTION: How is Dictatorship similar to Oligarchy/Plutocracy?

ANSWER: Both set-up results to oppression of the vulnerable sector of the population. Dictatorship suppresses democracy. Oligarchy suppresses freedom of choice. Plutocracy suppresses economic opportunities. Marcos/Arroyo Admins are Dictatorships. The Noy Aquino admin is an Oligarchy and Plutocracy combined.Dictatorship is IMPOSSIBLE in Egalitarianism because people at the grassroots level are economically empowered, hence politically empowered too.

QUESTIONS: Sir John, there are scary Muslim groups who wants to drive out the Christians away from Mindanao.

ANSWER: Yes that is true. There is Oligarchy in Imperial Manila who maintains the conspiracy between the AFP-MILF-AbuSayyaf to "scare" the Christians and oppress the Muslims to keep a thick wall division between the two cultures. The MNLF is the opponent of the Oligarch. It used to be the Spanish Colonizers, then the American Colonizers, but now it's the Oligarch Filipinos in the Imperial Manila who are doing terroristic systems in Bangsamoro Land.


Egalitarianism and Right to Bear Firearms

The Egalitarian MNLF believes that each human being has the right to life and the right to protect oneself from the threats of someone else's gun. The MNLF believes that firearm is a great equalizer in a scenario when inequality, exploitation, and abuse is in the air.

The Army of the Oligarchs/Plutocrats sow terror, exploitation, land-grabbing, rape, murder, genocide, religious wars, and inequality in the Bangsamoro Land. This scenario leads to the NECESSITY for each MNLF freedom fighter to have a gun to defend himself and his family.

QUESTION: Sir John, despite its huge number of armed members, why do the UN consider the MNLF as excellent in the aspect of protecting human rights and firearms control?

ANSWER: People in the MNLF. The number one gun control advocate in the country is with the MNLF and the UN/Nobel Peace Prize Awardee is with the MNLF.

QUESTION: Sir John, in battle, how do you differentiate the MNLF from the AFP, MILF, Abu Sayyaf, and NPA?

ANSWER: The MNLF does not do "ambush" and does not do "indiscriminate firing that kills civilians", which the others do. Normally, the MNLF warns and challenges the opponent to prepare for battle and give enough time for civilians to flee. The MNLF always win in any battle in Bangsamoro Land.

QUESTION: Sir John, why are there many civilians who carry long firearms in the Bangsamoro Land?

ANSWER: Those are the MNLF, the sovereign party/army in BSM Land. Under the 1994 GRP-MNLF Joint Ceasefire ground Rules, MNLF may carry their firearms anywhere in 13 Provinces in BSM Land, wherein the PH Govt soldiers and police may only carry their firearms when in line of duty.

Take note, the MNLF has the most disciplined and undefeated army in this entire archipelago.

There is a United Nations Security Council report in 23 April 2010 that says that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), New People's Army (NPA), and the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP) are among the groups around the world that have subjected minors to the most brutal violence, such as killings, maimings, rapes and other sexual assaults. (

MNLF is not mentioned as a human rights violator in the 51-page UN report. Despite its huge number of armed freedom fighters, the MNLF under Nur Misuari has consistently maintained the discipline and integrity of its men and commitment to the Peace Agreement. The MNLF is also pioneering in Armed Forces Humanitarianization Program and Firearms Ownership Registration and Control Program.

The war between Philippine Govt (GRP) and MNLF from 1970-1976 resulted to around 200,000 dead soldiers totalled from both sides -- 80% from GRP and 20% from MNLF. The Mercenary Army of the GRP lost the battle in the past, is losing the batt...le now, and will always lose the battle. The result is the 1976 Tripoli Agreement whcih rolled into a 1994 Ceasefire Agreement, and 1997 Final Peace Agreement. The MNLF is proven SUPREME and DOMINANT and SOVEREIGN in WHEREVER PLACE in the Bangsamoro Land (Mindanao, Sulu, Palawan).



1. The ceasefire shall be primarily in effect in the following provinces, including the cities and villages situated therein, as provided for in the Article II of the Tripoli Agreement, namely:

1. Basilan

2. Sulu

3. Tawi-tawi

4. Zamboanga del Sur

5. Zamboanga del Norte

6. North Cotabato

7. South Cotabato

8. Maguindanao

9. Sultan Kudarat

10. Lanao del Norte

11. Lanao del Sur

12. Davao del Sur

13. Palawan

2. The ceasefire shall also be in effect in the other provinces and cities of Mindanao where the MNLF Forces ARE FOUND as jointly determined by the Joint Ceasefire Committee.

5. Existing laws on the carrying of firearm shall apply. MNLF Forces CAN, however, carry their firearms within MNLF identified areas which means specific areas clearly identified by both GRP and MNLF as areas OCCUPIED BY or WHERE regular MNLF forces are LOCATED. Government forces MAY carry their firearms ONLY in the performance of their official functions...

6. GRP shall authorize MNLF VIPs to carry sidearms and shall provide additional security when moving in urban areas upon the latter's request. The MNLF Chairman when entering into and moving in urban areas may bring his immediate and necessary security. The strength of this security and the type and number of their firearms shall be mutually agreed upon.


Splitting the Land

I will divide this land into two. If you find happiness in a plutocracy/oligarchy set-up, you live in Philippines. If you find happiness in egalitarianism and open society set-up, you live in Bangsamoro Land. Freedom to choose is the key that will liberate people from the bondage of oppression and poverty.

People who get frustrated with what's going on in their country will naturally want a revolutionary solution. The best revolutionary organization have (1) undefeated defense army, (2) egalitarian ideology, (3) definite territorial sovereignty, (4) credible leadership, (5) human rights clearance, and (6) responsive communication fronts. Only the MNLF has all these 6 elements.

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