Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We can create more jobs by creating more businesses

Wala na bang manufacturing industry sa Pilipinas? Nagulat ako imported na (or foreign owned producer) lahat na kino-consume natin -- oil filter, bisekleta, t-shirt, dustpan, plato, laptop, cellphone, kumot, sombrero, electric fan, hotels/resorts! Susmaryosep! Kaya pala hindi kaya ng Pilipinas i-accommodate ang labor force niya.

Tayo na nakapag-aral ng mataas, dapat tayo ay gagawa ng mga businesses para maka-employ tayo ng marami. Hindi dapat tayo nagiging empleyado lang.

May kakilala ako, ang mga courses ay Business Management, Commerce, Industrial Economics, Marketing Management. Pero naging wage-earning salesman lang ng kung ano-anong pruducto at iba naging naging call center agent. Yung iba naman walang trabaho. Alam ko napaka-rami nitong mga ganito. Sayang etong mga eto.

Kung ako merong fund na 1 Billion a year, I will employ 1,000 of these graduates and will give them P500,000 salary per annum, and the primary job of each is to identify a beneficiary-family and build/mentor new resilient productive businesses with a P500,000 capital each. The ratio of full-time Mentor and Beneficiary will be 1:1 to make sure that the mentor is focused.

To guarantee commitment, I will no longer renew the employment contract of the mentor if the businesses he/she created fails to operate resiliently after a year operation. The return of the P1B investment is very quantifiable. The success can be measured in terms of income of the new businesses.

As a Director of MNLF, that is what I am going to do in ARMM. If given the chance to implement an MNLF-GRPH Economic Partnership Agreement, I will be needing a P1B fund to form a Business Development Unit in ARMM and hire 1,000 professional staff. It does not matter to me where the fund will come from, pwedeng galing sa GRPH or the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

With P1B Fund, I will deliver 1,000 resilient family businesses a year. Sana pagbibigyan tayo na gawin ang project na eto. Kung meron P5B na fund, mas mabuti, we can have 5 teams so I will have friendly competitors in this race towards prosperity.


I dedicate this blog to my friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

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