Friday, May 13, 2011

Second Wave War in Bangsamoro Land in Inevitable

The 1976 MNLF-GRPH Tripoli Agreement was made possible because the GRPH SHOWED RESPECT to the MNLF after seeing 200,000 combatants from both sides died from 1970-1976. But until now the GRPH did not deliver its commitments, the Bangsamoro People are still oppressed and disadvantaged, and this considered by many as a clear SHOW OF DISRESPECT and TREACHERY by GRPH.


For sure, with the situation now in the GRPH, its seems impossible to deliver its commitment to the MNLF and Bangsamoro People. Time is fast running out for the "hope" generation of Nur Misuari (now 68 yo). The warrior leaders of the new generation insist that respect can only be earned in combat and they look forward to it. If GRPH can't deliver its commitment, I believe the second wave of the war will begin when the hope generation ends. Erap predicts it will happen within 10-15 years, read more at


QUESTION: Sir John, ano ang suggestion mo na highest priority program para sa ARMM?

ANSWER: Ayusin muna ang foundation ng peace process, gagawing solid, bago simulan ang mga anti-poverty development projects.

(1) ORDER - Tighter Policy for Small and Medium FireArms, Philippine Government (GRPH) to negotiate only with MNLF and no one else.

(2) DEMOCRACY - Postpone the 2011 Election, the President will Appoint Governor for 2011-2013 who will guarantee implementation of Total Reform in Election System in preparation for fair and violence-free election in 2013 Election.

(3) ECONOMY - Mentored Formation of Resilient New Small Family Businesses through a GRPH-MNLF Economic Partnership Agreement.

(4) GOVERNANCE - Mandatory Periodic On-job Anti-Corruption Seminars and Capacity-building Mentorship

(5) FUNDS - Open up to foreign assistance, just allow MNLF and OIC to work together on the BDAF-IDB at huwag pakialaman ng pobreng Philippine Government


QUESTION: Sir John, who will you trust in helping build Mindanao? ANSWER: I think China. Nature destroyed two cities - Deijiun China and New Orleans USA. China rebuilt and improved Deijiun completely in just 450 days. It's been six years hindi pa na rebuilt ng US ang New Orleans.


Wala na bang manufacturing industry sa Pilipinas? Nagulat ako imported na (or foreign owned producer) lahat na kino-consume natin -- oil filter, bisekleta, t-shirt, dustpan, plato, laptop, cellphone, kumot, sombrero, electric fan, hotels/resorts! Susmaryosep! Kaya pala hindi kaya ng Pilipinas i-accommodate ang labor force niya.

Tayo na nakapag-aral ng mataas, dapat tayo ay gagawa ng mga businesses para maka-employ tayo ng marami. Hindi dapat tayo nagiging empleyado lang.

May kakilala ako, ang mga courses ay Business Management, Commerce, Industrial Economics, Ma...rketing Management. Pero naging wage-earning salesman lang ng kung ano-anong pruducto at iba naging naging call center agent. Yung iba naman walang trabaho. Alam ko napaka-rami nitong mga ganito. Sayang etong mga eto.

Kung ako merong fund na 1 Billion a year, I will employ 1,000 of these graduates and will give them P500,000 salary per annum, and the primary job of each is to identify a beneficiary-family and build/mentor new resilient productive businesses with a P500,000 capital each. Ang ratio ng Mentor and Beneficiary ay 1:1 para maka siguro na focused ang mentor. To guarantee commitment, I will no longer renew the employment contract of the mentor if the businesses he/she created fails to operate resiliently after a year operation.

As a Director of MNLF, that is what I am going to do in ARMM. If given the chance to implement an MNLF-GRPH Economic Partnership Agreement, I will be needing a P1B fund to form a Business Development Unit in ARMM and hire 1,000 professional staff. It does not matter to me where the fund will come from, pwedeng galing sa GRPH or the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). With P1B Fund, I will deliver 1,000 resilient family businesses a year. Sana pagbibigyan tayo na gawin ang project na eto.


QUESTION: Sir John, makakatulong ba sa Peace Process ang mga civil society organizations forum na ginagawa ng Philippine Government in Mindanao? ANSWER: Makakatulong pero insignificant ang impact. Ang kailangan ay magkaroon ng "MNLF-GRPH National Development Partnership Agreement" so that the two will not continue drifting away from each other. I have a draft, just waiting for the right timing.

I am worried too. The drifting-away is like a silent cancer that is growing each day because the MNLF-GRPH cold war necessitates both parties to continue indoctrinating the principle of "MISTRUST" in their respective members. Pag pasok ng bagong generation ng MNLF, I am sure maging HOT ang situation dahil impatient ang mga bata. Ang mga Peace Initiatives na nasa isip ko ngayon, surprisingly walang funds for implementation, maaring maging sayang ang mga eto.


QUESTION: Sir John, do you think the MNLF persistence on its fight for independence will spark a war again between MNLF and Philippine Government? ANSWER: In the past, yes. But nowadays, sa tingin ko hindi mag spark ng war, we are already in a generation that accepts DUAL CITIZENSHIP. MNLF plan for Bangsamoro Land Independence is Open Society type, dual citizenship okay, and no border restriction. It is not the idea of independence that will cause the war, but the struggle against oppression and poverty. In fact, onset of war can be stopped if the government will tolerate and participate with the MNLF in exploring the idea of Bangsamoro Land Independence.


QUESTION: Sir John, pwede maging MNLF kahit Christian? ANSWER: Yes. Contrary to the notion that MNLF is an Islamic Organization, the fact is, the MNLF is composed of Moslems, Christians, Tribal Lumads, and any other religions who respect each other under the harmony of religious tolerance.


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