Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Why am I reluctant to support the Anti-Epal Policy?

WHY AM I RELUCTANT TO SUPPORT ANTI-EPAL Policy? There are two types of Political Advertising, (1) Traditional Tri-Media Advertising and (2) Guerilla Advertising. Traditional is only for the rich politicians because this type is EXPENSIVE as it uses printed broadsheets, radio, and TV. Guerilla uses fly-posters, t-shirts, internet, and street billboards. A non-performing politician can't put up a project billboard, but can use heart-warming traditional ads. Among all these, I like the street billboards because it is somewhat a PERFORMANCE-BASED political advertising. If a politician built a smooth highway for me, I would love to see on billboards along the highway the face of the politician who worked hard to accomplish the project. But I HATE it when I pass by bad roads and when I come home I see non-performing politicians on TV. Political advertising on project billboards should not be prohibited, but it can be regulated to prevent false ads that deceives the public into believing that it is the politician who FUNDED the project. In project billboard advertising, due credit must be given to the funder and to the politician who worked hard in pushing the project into reality.