Wednesday, June 29, 2011

US Discrimination on Filipino Citizens

I came accross this news about 100 women rescued from Angeles City night clubs at

These ladies come from all over the place and merge in Angeles and Subic, all with a single objective of exploring the possibility of finding an American on retirement and disability benefits who will possibly marry them and bring them to States, or simply getting impregnated to get hefty child-support benefits from US Social Security or US Veterans Affairs. These Filipinas just didn't know that they could possibly not get US Benefits because they are Filipino Citizens.

My source to comment? Ahhhh I worked for US Social Security for 7 years as Claim Examiner. Everyday I deal with minor child claim and young mother claim and my patriotic heart bleeds everytime I recommend no payment as effect of the US Social Security Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANPP) of 1985. US Policy on benefits is DISCRIMINATING FILIPINO CITIZENSHIP. If you are Japanese, Korean, Australian, Greek, Italian you are exempted from the ANPP and you get dependent or survivor benefits, but if you are Filipino citizen then you will get nothing.

My heart bleeds knowing that the victims of this discrimination are the "vulnerable sector" -- Filipino ladies who are prostituted by the Americans, the unwed single mothers, the bastards children of the American, and the survivors of those who worked in US for so long. "My patriotic heart bleeds" -- one of the accumulated reasons why I snapped and left the job.


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