Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Anti-Torture Platform

QUESTION: Sir John, ano po ang platform mo about Anti-Torture?

ANSWER: (1) Annual Mandatory Video Seminar and Conforme-Signing on Bill of Rights, Anti-Torture, and Anti-Hazing for all Police/Military personnel, and Students of all school levels, and (2) MTRCB to disallow movies that shows or depicts torture especially by Police/Military on Prisoners/Detainees.

The people should be indoctrinated on the following:

1. What are the different forms of torture?
2. What are the penalties for torturers and their accomplices?
3. How and where to report torture?
4. What action by government is expected on torture reports?
5. What are the available awards and protection for people who report torture?


I dedicate this blog to my FB friends who celebrate their birthdays today.

Antonette Aravejo, Eldred Remollo, Janice Alba, Jeanelyn Delima Petalcorin, Kristal Reyes, Manley Salazar, Marjorie Espina, Monina Operio Abecia, Rommel Vallejos