Friday, December 17, 2010

Justice Presents Truths on Both Sides of the Coin

"The Supreme Court set free convicted rapists and murderers Hubert Webb et al. Now they are saying that it does not mean that the released convicts are INNOCENT, only that they are NOT GUILTY BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Such convoluted brains in black robes should have answered just one basic question - who killed the Vizcondes?" (Philippine Corruption, Facebook)

This Supreme Court turnaround is a welcomed development from my point of view. The degree of cruelty of a crime should not be factor that will determine innocense or guilt. It has to be purely based on evidence.

Sa Pilipinas, hindi pa integrated sa law enforcement system ang Private Investigators na napapanood natin sa ibang bansa katulad ng Estados Unidos. Dito sa Pinas, pag suspect ka at wala kang kasalanan, hindi mo ma-aasahan ang Police Investigators na mag-presenta ng evidences para sa ika-lalaya mo. Dahil dito, natatakot ang taong-bayan sa Police. Dahil dito, maraming non-performingna Police na nabibigyan ng accomplishment awards, at the expense eh maraming fall guy na inosente na nakukulong.

Law Enforcers and Prosecutors in the Philippines don't work for the truth. They work for their selfish accomplishments. They will present only evidences to convict the suspect, and will do everything to suppress or hide the evidences that will weaken their push for conviction. They have to be re-educated so they will not sacrifice THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH.